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Elon Loves his Tesla Robot, but the Tech Community is Horrified by It!

  /  Latest News   /  Elon Loves his Tesla Robot, but the Tech Community is Horrified by It!
Tesla Robot

Elon Loves his Tesla Robot, but the Tech Community is Horrified by It!

Elon’s predictions over the Tesla robot are praiseworthy, but he is scaring the tech community!

Despite all the selling away reports of Tesla shares, Elon Musk surely loves to brag about all the advances the company is making for the Tesla robot. However, the tech community is having a hard time trusting Elon’s word and many are also not happy about where these AI innovations are going.

Musk has only shown us the hands of the robot, in an unnerving image in which it’s making a heart sign. But this is the first public sighting of the bot, and it seems designed to suggest that we’re about to learn more about it becoming a reality. Musk had already shared some details about the robot last year at AI day part I – revealing that it would measure a terrifying 5’8″ tall and would have a display screen for a face.

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He claimed at the time that the robot would be ready this year, and its teaser suggests that at AI Day Part II on 30 September we might get some confirmation on whether that will be the case. Initially, the robot is expected to be used in Tesla factories to take on some of the routine tasks currently carried out by staff, but could eventually get an AI brain so it can do other things. Musk has claimed that the robot will be more valuable than the car, in the long term. It will turn the whole notion of the economy on its head.

Considering how badly received the Amazon robot was, the tech community is not entirely convinced – but then perhaps the moment wasn’t yet right for the robot.

During the Cyber Rodeo event in April this year, Musk was heard explaining the AI-driven Tesla Optimus’s purpose saying, “It will be able to do basically anything humans don’t want to do. It will do it. It’s going to bring an age of abundance”.

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Tesla’s official website says that the robot is “capable of performing tasks that are unsafe, repetitive or boring”. As for the features of the Tesla Optimus, it weighs a little over 56 kg (125 kg) and stands five feet eight inches tall. According to Tesla, the robot has a carrying capacity of around 20 kg, it can deadlift up to 68 kg, and walk at a speed of eight kilometers per hour. Musk stated that his company will ensure that the robot is safe, does no “terminator stuff” and “transform the world to a degree even greater than the car”.

A lot of people are currently skeptical over this incoming of the whole array of new AI technologies. Over on Twitter, one user tweeted, “I’ll bet he announces pre-orders for Tesla humanoid robot and that it gets delayed by 3 more years at least.” Others just find the whole concept of the robot far too dystopian – then they learn will more and more how to use DALL·E 2, it is all starting to get very Black Mirror-esque.