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Elinor Moshe: An Industry Thought Leader Disrupting Construction

  /  CXO Insights   /  Elinor Moshe: An Industry Thought Leader Disrupting Construction
Elinor Moshe

Elinor Moshe: An Industry Thought Leader Disrupting Construction

The Construction Coach is Australia’s first construction coach, where Elinor Moshe guides, inspires and directs future leaders and industry professionals to achieve higher compensation, faster progression and more recognition. She equips construction industry professionals with practical skills, insights and tools to construct their career from the inside out. Because construction professionals are working with outdated practices that are preventing them from achieving their potential and seeing what’s possible. Elinor does this through exclusive mentoring opportunities, both private and masterminds, as well as workshops and events.


From Dreamer to Achiever

Elinor Moshe is the Founder of The Construction Coach and an industry thought leader disrupting the construction industry. Alas, she has come from very conventional backgrounds, completing a Bachelor of Environments (Architecture) and a Master in Construction Management from the University of Melbourne. Elinor then moved into project delivery roles, working for 8 years on commercial projects, delivering over $120M worth to private and public clients. But now in her thought leadership venture and business, Elinor’s role is just about everything, which is what she loves about the start-up journey, and how much condensed learning happens.


Lessons that Shaped her Journey

There were many micro events that cumulatively worked to build Elinor up to the person she is today, but the most influential and prominent experience is working with her mentor, Ron Malhotra. There is no experience akin to working with Ron, who is larger than life. She wouldn’t have had the privilege of writing this piece if Elinor didn’t make the bold move to back herself and go down the mentoring journey with Ron. He opened the door of thought leadership to Elinor and allowed her to create a business that is based around her genius and strengths. He showed Elinor the path less travelled, but also the path to the greatest impact and value to others.


Barriers That Paved the Road to Success

Elinor believes growth generates friction and it’s important to be very comfortable being uncomfortable in order to break free from old paradigms into new ways of being. It was, and is imperative to trust the process, as well as maintaining unwavering self-belief over doubt. When you are venturing into the unknown, doubt can seep into every crevice, but doubt has no place in your dreams. Other people who don’t want to see you grow or go too fast or too far will be very quick to highlight the difficulty, or what you can’t do. In the pursuit of a vision, there can be no space for what others think, as they don’t think and they only apply their own limitations onto you.


A Bold Thought Leader

According to Elinor, whilst there are many skills, attributes and characteristics, one thing always overrules: having a strong heart-set.If a leader truly doesn’t care about the people they are serving, then the people won’t care about the leader either. Noone cares until they know what the leader does. You cannot simply lead people through intellect. That doesn’t cut it in a world of hyper-connectivity and constantly being bombarded with media. Secondly, a leader needs to be all of who they are. Many try to enter the space trying to be something that they’re not, or emulating a predecessor, but the most powerful form is when everybody is true to themselves, which is what Elinor loves the most about what thought leadership is for entrepreneurship, and leadership.


Advanced Solutions to Attract the Target Audience

Elinor states that, most, if not all, mentoring and training services in the industry focus on the technical and the tactical. This is what she precisely doesn’t do. Elinor focuses on the people behind the projects, not the projects. To truly create sustainable and lasting change for individuals comes from addressing the root cause of not applying bandages to the symptoms. This also stems from knowing precisely who your target audience is. If you don’t know the people you are serving, then you’ve simply fallen in love with your own product.


Leveraging the Capabilities of Disruptive Technologies

Elinor believes it all starts and ends with leadership, and where we are today is a reflection of the general degradation of the leadership standards, which have permeated not just the industry, but society. A leader nowadays needs to choose to be exceptional, excellent and exemplary to truly drive change and reject mediocrity in all forms. When it comes to technology, a level of discernment is required. Technology is a tool and it in itself won’t fix the deep-rooted issues in the collective psyche of the industry.


Leading the Race in Future

Elinor claims that the full effects of the pandemic are yet to be realised, so we’re entering transitory times. The pandemic, to some sectors, has served as setting the reset button, allowing for new ways of working to emerge, and what it means to be in the construction industry. “We’re seeing a lot of start-ups that merge construction and technology, so it’s interesting to see how that will play out to revolutionise the industry” comments Elinor


Shaping Future Leaders

To the emerging leaders, Elinor gives this valuable advice:

“You have an exceptional future awaiting you, but opportunities have an expiry date and close. Excuses can be around forever. In the pursuit of going against the grain, against all odds and conventions, it is your vision of what you want that will allow you to keep on going. It is your discipline and consistency, which will allow you to outlast and be able to experience the rewards and successes that your future holds. Ambition and achievement may be my first language, but I want to see you win.”

Quote: “The construction industry is rife with opportunities, but only for those who are willing to walk down the path less travelled. Fortune favours the bold, not those who stall and rescind to fear.”

Management: Elinor Moshe, Founder, The Construction Coach