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  /  CXO Insights   /  ED-SEN: A Partner in Driving Innovation and Business Intelligence

ED-SEN: A Partner in Driving Innovation and Business Intelligence

Businesses these days are striving to accelerate their operational efficiency and create a technologically advanced ecosystem with business intelligence incorporated into their operations. ED-SEN Consulting based out of Jakarta, Indonesia is a leading example of IT solutions providers. With a strong vision to become the leading consultant company based on technology that innovates with quality and integrity, the company has been working towards innovating businesses by providing the best possible IT solutions since its inception in 2014.

 An IT consulting company, ED-SEN describes itself as Electronic data with senses. The company partners with customers from different industries in expanding IT management and advisory, consulting, providing solutions, executive advisors, process transformation or process improvement consulting, strategy consulting, product selection, and product implementation.

 Keeping Up With the Changing Demand

ED-SEN supplies professional and sustainable service to meet customer needs. They are consistently driving the efficiency and growth of companies. The company encourages competent human resources that can adapt to the corporate values to serve customer satisfaction. ED-SEN’s mission includes fostering a respectful working culture, generating profit to shareholders, and contributing towards stakeholder welfare.

The company desires to keep itself updated with the emerging and disruptive technologies and work in a challenging ecosystem to drive innovation.

 Understanding the Role of Tech in Current Scenario

ED-SEN’s solutions include business technology, business application development, business analytics, and business performance. Many organizations consistently struggle with streamlining their business operations, inefficiency, and degrading productivity. ED-SEN understands specific business needs and provides Application Development, Mobile Development, and Interface Development services. Globally, industries are facing rapid changes in the method of doing business. Today, businesses have become customer-centric and it has evolved from being in the back-end offices to something that revolves around society and target audience. Faster development cycles, disruptive business models, and increased competition are all pointing their fingers towards the significance of technology and automation in business. The success of a business is now dependent on technology and its optimal use to deliver efficient services.

ED-SEN provides business applications with design consulting to provide a global real-time view and single truth of data, effortlessly automate business operations, integrates data and operations into multiple departments, and increase business productivity.


 A Captain with Expertise and Strong Passion

Edwin Budiman, Managing Director of the company, currently leads ED-SEN with eminent expertise in the field of business intelligence and IT consultation. Edwin born in Jakarta, Indonesia completed his graduation from Petra Christian University, in Surabaya, wherein he majored in electrical engineering and studied masters from Bina Nusantara University. With more than 15 years of experience in many projects as a business analyst, business intelligence, data warehouse implementer, planning, budgeting projects, and corporate performance management, Edwin is the perfect leader ED-SEN can have.

Edwin initially worked with a multinational company as an IT support and went on to become a functional consultant for more than 5 years. Considering his excellent talent, Edwin was recruited by one of the MNCs in Malaysia as an Assistant Vice President. Edwin worked there for more than 10 years before joining ED-SEN as the Managing Director. Being an optimistic and passionate leader, Edwin has been driving the company to heights.

Top-Notch and Easy-to-Use Analytics to Rescue

The current business landscape demands adaptability and innovation from the companies. Companies need to leverage the power of disruptive technology to stay at the competitive edge. ED-SEN considers business analytics as an imperative tool to meet market demands. Thus, the company has come up with unique analytics solutions, wherein the tool will process the analysis of an organization so that they can respond to the demand faster. ED-SEN believes that business analytics plays a key role in accelerating the growth of a business and it changes the decision-making pattern, making it more intelligent and accurate.

ED-SEN’s business analytics solution can easily integrate data from various sources so the making the reporting process simple, faster, and comprehensive. The Dynamic interactive report aids in detail-oriented and complete insights and decision-making. Easy to use and understand, the company’s analytics service is collaborative and informative.

Seeing Through Your Company Is the Key

The pandemic taught us the importance of agility and efficiency. Many businesses were drastically affected due to low productivity and lagging strategies. Many of them did not have any idea of where they stand in planning, management, and business operations. Visibility is a significant factor in a business to maintain the track, analyze the performance, and understand the flaws.

 ED-SEN delivers an Enterprise Performance Management Tool to enable companies to continuously monitor, analyze, and manage their business operations to enhance productivity and growth. The company aims to solve the problems faced due to lack of visibility by solutions that enable business strategy forecasts, business stimulation, planning and budgeting, allocation and cost management, consolidation, and real-time financial reporting. ED-SEN’s Enterprise Performance Management tool provides critical information with immediate access to aid an organization in decision-making based on dynamic global competitive economies.

According to the company, real-time increased data visibility and accessibility redefine the way decisions are taken by the stakeholders. It will prepare a company against upcoming threats, risks, economical change, and help them understand their employees, customer base, and market better. This process, as ED-SEN mentions will shatter the complex, siloed structure of an organization, and make it a single integrated and decentralized platform.