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  /  Latest News   /  Ditch Your Neighbors! Choose Metaverse as Your Guide Before Investing in a Car

Ditch Your Neighbors! Choose Metaverse as Your Guide Before Investing in a Car

Look for your favorite car in the metaverse before buying it in the real world.

MG Motor has introduced its own metaverse platform, dubbed ‘MGverse.’ The MGverse will include five different virtual spaces for employees, including an ‘explore and creator center,’ an NFT Gallery, a virtual ‘MG Car Club,’ a gaming arena, and an ‘MG knowledge center.’ Initially, the platform will be available on mobile and desktop web browsers. The company says it plans to make the same experience available in the future with virtual reality headsets.

Users will be able to personalize, accessorize, and build MG vehicle models in the metaverse via the explore and creator center. According to the company, it will also allow customers to take a virtual test drive in the cities and streets of their choice. You can experiment with fiddle and tailor the class to your preferences. If you are buying a car, you will have an aided buying experience with a personalized MGverse assistant who will accompany you in the metaverse and assist you in making decisions. This will be available on all of the company’s current products. the dealership will provide you with the same experience. You can experience the same configuration in an omnichannel experience if you save the configuration online.

This omnichannel experience will be limited to a specific set of configurations based on showroom availability. The NFT Gallery will function as a virtual museum. Users will be able to create, list, and transact with their own NFTs in this space, in addition to MG Motor’s own NFTs. The metaverse extension of the real-life MG Car Club is imagined for the virtual MG Car Club. Members will be able to connect with one another as well as access member-only events and concerts. They can also purchase MG merchandise. According to MG Motor India, the gaming arena will host a variety of games, including a racing game featuring cars from MG’s racing history. The knowledge center’s mission is to train and upskill MG employees and partners.

MG Motor has always prioritized technology in its operations and products, with the Hector being the first car in India to feature an embedded SIM and the Gloster and Astor SUVs being the first mass-market models to feature Level 1 and Level 2 ADAS technology, respectively.

With the MGverse, the company is focusing on a digital customer experience aimed specifically at the Gen Z and Gen Alpha demographics. What’s interesting is that the platform is open to everyone, not just MG owners. In human history, digital technologies have advanced faster than any other innovation. MGverse is the vision for building the metaverse, in which the company and its partners will constantly explore, innovate, improve, and develop new solutions to consistently improve the customer experience in the future.

While the company did not quantify how much of its MGverse digital footfall it expects to translate into actual sales. The brand’s digital-first approach has been a key differentiator from the moment a customer expresses interest in them actually booking a car. MGverse is building virtual customer experience content to familiarize the next generation with innovative brand experiences.

For the time being, the MGverse will be a platform that is constantly evolving, with more features and experiences likely to be added in the future. MG also plans to offer similar experiences for VR (Virtual Reality) headsets to be used at home and in showrooms.