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  /  Blockchain   /  Disney is Hiring a Metaverse Lawyer! Are You the Right Person for the Job?

Disney is Hiring a Metaverse Lawyer! Are You the Right Person for the Job?

Disney is looking for an attorney to oversee its metaverse, blockchain, and NFT projects

Disney CEO Bob Chapek stated in November 2021 that the company is making the necessary preparations to combine its physical and digital assets into the virtual realm. Chapek stated in their quarterly earnings call last year that the company has always been at the forefront of adopting emerging technologies that can enable it to enhance its entertainment offering. During that time, the CEO stated that all of their efforts were mere warm-ups for the day when they would be able to combine their physical and digital worlds for “storytelling without boundaries” on their “own Disney metaverse.” Chapek and Disney seem to be motivated by the notion that tech and entertainment companies are gradually shifting their focus away from augmented virtual reality and toward the metaverse.

Increasing the Audience’s Presence in the Web3 Space

With a recent job posting for the company, the entertainment behemoth’s path to Web3 expansion became clearer. Disney is currently seeking a Principal Counsel to oversee transactions involving non-fungible tokens, blockchain technologies, decentralized finance (DeFi), and metaverse, as well as other upcoming offerings. One of the primary responsibilities of the metaverse lawyer would be to ensure that the company is able to comply with the US and global regulations in order to avoid legal liability once the company launches its virtual land expansion plans.

Disney is Putting Everything into Web3

In December of last year, the company announced a collaboration with the upcoming NFT mobile application VeVe to launch a number of NFT collections. Former CEO Robert Iger stated that the possibilities for NFT are “extraordinary” when considering Disney’s copyright, trademarks, and characters. That being said, the entertainment company is seeking the best legal counsel available in order to strengthen its bid for Web3 dominance. Applicants with five to eight years of experience, particularly in managing complex transactions, are eligible for consideration for the position. Furthermore, the lawyer must be from a large, multinational firm with a corporate practice that meets international standards.

it should be noted that Disney has been aggressively investigating Web3 technologies. CEO Bob Chapek revealed in 2021 that the company was planning to enter the metaverse by combining physical and digital assets.

Returning to Disney NFTs, the company decided to collaborate with VeVe, a popular NFT mobile application. The firm launched a number of NFT collections as a result of this collaboration. Keeping this in mind, the firm may be looking for an attorney to assist in addressing any potential issues relating to NFTs and other emerging technologies.