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  /  Business Leaders   /  delasign: Creative, Design Technology for tailored solutions that sit between the physical and the digital.

delasign: Creative, Design Technology for tailored solutions that sit between the physical and the digital.

In this digital world dominated by connected devices, customers are not afraid to use disruptive technologies and, more importantly, can afford them. This new trend is putting pressure on organizations to deliver superior, quicker and seamless personalized experiences. delasign is one such entity that provides tailored solutions to its customers. The company is a boutique consultancy whose work sits between the physical and the digital and engages in products, services, and experiences across industries that include art, beauty, sports, electronics, advertising, and marketing.

In an interview with GlobalTech Outlook, Oscar de la Hera Gomez, Founder and CEO of delasign shares his valuable insights on how the company is creating design technology solutions that strike at the nucleus of its client’s challenges and provide a fluid and seamless collaboration. The highlights of the interview are as follows:


Give us an outline of yourself and your role as a leader.

Oscar de la Hera Gomez: I’m the Founder and CEO of delasign. I am a self-taught technologist with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London and an MFA in Products of Design from the School of Visual Arts, a holistic design program where the faculty of industry leaders cover all the lenses the creative industry has to offer. The course’s vision is to create design leaders of the future, who have the capacity to cross disciplines, connect dots that others cannot see, and deliver unprecedented value.

Fusing a world-class education in design & engineering gave me the ability to concept, design and execute anything that came in my head at a high level from start to finish. It also gave me a unique vision: ‘to provide a space for multidisciplinary individuals to fluidly collaborate from concept to delivery.’ This became a guiding principle of delasign. The company offers lean teams of multidisciplinary individuals who perform like sports teams, dynamically adapt in positions and link up to produce excellence.


What makes your leadership style unique? 

Oscar: Similar to elite sports teams, my leadership style does not aim to create a single leader but empowers everyone to have a voice, contribute across the spectrum of creativity and lead the charge. These equal relationships are built on trust, foster’s debate and produce excellence.


What are the past experiences, achievements or lessons that shaped your journey as an impactful leader?

Oscar: Above everything else, the most important period that shaped me as an impactful leader was my time at the MFA Products of Design. In this magical place, I was metamorphosed from an engineer to a multidisciplinary designer & technologist by people with extraordinary minds such as Allan Chochinov and Sinclair Scott Smith. Their educational leadership along with the humanistic values and the space they provide to foster excellence, taught me to be critical and moulded my leadership style.

Although I am grateful for the places I have worked with so far, it mostly contradicts the experience that MFA Products of Design offers. As an employee, I witnessed toxic hierarchical relationships based on power with managers hiding talent and presenting work as their own rather than celebrating and empowering those who worked for them.


Some of the key learnings from my experience in the industry I would like to point are:

  • It’s all smoke and mirrors- It is a common term in the industry with few companies being able to meet their promises. They too often rely on a vendor to meet what their ‘capabilities’ offer.
  • No one is end-to-end- With large companies executing projects via multiple vendors, they play a game of broken telephone, displace the intent of the project and destroy the value it provides to its clients.
  • Specialize, Do One Thing- This is what industry newcomers are told. This remark often places traps in their way to avoid them from growing past their discipline.

All these elements informed me what I did not want to be, and helped me form and strengthen the values of delasign and its leadership style.


Who would you like to credit for the person you are today? 

Oscar: I would like to put my answer as simple as possible. Thank you Allan Chochinov, Sinclair Scott Smith and the MFA Products of Design for making me who I’m today.


How do you stand out from others in your concerned industry or focus area?

Oscar: I believe that our ‘values’ make a difference in terms of pushing the boundaries of the industry and improving the circumstances of its performers. Those values include,

  • Providing space for individuals to fluidly collaborate as multidisciplinary individuals in contrast to the industry’s focus on forcing individuals to be one thing.
  • Offering teams with ‘an end-to-end’ concept to make employees design and execute from start to finish in contrast to the industry’s perpetual game of broken telephone that sees companies execute projects with teams who deliver on specific sections.
  • Leveraging a ‘no smoke and mirrors’ policy to be transparent in its offering. delasign follows this concept. This involves R&D into technologies to validate and deliver them at scale before offering them to our clients.

To build on the values listed above, delasign released and is working on Sans Hands, a mixed reality platform that allows individuals to interact with an interface without touching the screen. Sans Hands is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac.


What are the hurdles you faced during the initial phase of your journey? 

Oscar: The overarching theme behind the challenges I have faced is ‘to be strong, focused and determined’ in my pursuit of being multidisciplinary and end-to-end. Some of those tough moments are:

  • Making the leap from engineer to designer Not only did this provide unprecedented headaches in my cognitive evolution but made me face a lot of discrimination by being told that I’m an engineer and not a designer; therefore, I could only think in a given way.
  • The push to be multidisciplinary in the industry -Even to this day, no entity allows individuals to cross disciplines and perform across the spectrum. They insist on having a dedicated resource that does one thing and does not enable fluid collaboration between disciplines as they do not understand each other due to the lack of exposure to each other.
  • Being discriminated against for wanting to create an entity, sans investment – Since the inception of delasign, I have been discriminated against and laughed at for wanting to create a space that does things differently without external investment and built on the power of its people.


Name some of the significant attributes that every successful leader should possess.

  • Oscar: In my opinion, a successful leader should have the following attributes.
  • Empathy for employees and the work they do.
  • Emotional intelligence to know when to push or support.
  • Strong communication skills as the intention are not enough and need to be phrased adequately.
  • The ability to step in and assist those who work with them, regardless of what they ask.
  • The capability to speak to their employees in a way that fills them with energy, and inspires them to go further and faster.


How do you think leaders change lives for the better?

Oscar: Leaders who change lives for the better give space to grow and support when needed, and empowers their collaborators to live their lives to their taste. All these whilst guaranteeing results that spark a fire in both the hearts of those that created and those that later witnessed.

Leaders that manage to blend the personal and professional life by curating a space that empowers their collaborators whilst producing results will be sought out and create industry-changing results.


Give a piece of your mind to emerging business leaders/executives.

Oscar: I insist emerging business leaders and executives live as a perpetual student and empower other voices.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.