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DeepMind Uncages the Sparrow, an Approach to Enhance AI Accuracy and Security

  /  Latest News   /  DeepMind Uncages the Sparrow, an Approach to Enhance AI Accuracy and Security

DeepMind Uncages the Sparrow, an Approach to Enhance AI Accuracy and Security

The secret to Sparrow, DeepMind’s latest chatbot: Uses human feedback and Google search suggestions

DeepMind enterprises recently debuted Sparrow, an AI-powered chatbot described as a milestone in the industry effort to generate safer machine learning systems. According to DeepMind, the Sparrow chatbot can produce plausible answers to user questions more frequently than earlier neural networks. Additionally, the Sparrow includes features that significantly reduce the risk of biased and toxic answers.

DeepMind dreams the methods which has been applied in building Sparrow will make a markable way in the development of safer AI systems. DeepMind researchers generated the Sparrow chatbot with the help of a popular AI training method popular as reinforcement learning. The method “Reinforcement learning” involves employing a neural network repeatedly perform a task until it grasps the power to carry out the task perfectly. Over numerous repeated trials and errors, networks themselves develop ways of improving their accuracy. While developing Sparrow chatbots, DeepMind combined reinforcement learning with user feedback. The Alphabet unit urged a group of users to ask questions to Sparrow in order to estimate the perfection and accuracy of the AI-powered chatbots. The chatbot provided different answers to a single question and users finalized the answer that they deemed to be the most accurate.

DeepMind mentioned that its researchers leveraged users’ feedback about Sparrow’s reply to upgrade the chatbot. The Alphabet unit mentioned that this step provided significant help in making the AI-powered chatbot more perfect. When a user asks Sparrow to recover information about a particular topic, for example, astronomy, the chatbot searches the web using Google to find the asked information. Sparrow then provides its reply to the user’s question along with a link to the website from which the answer was retrieved. According to DeepMind, users rated 78% of the answers generated by Sparrow chatbots was reasonable and up to mark, an outstanding improvement over AI systems developed by availing traditional methods.