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  /  Covid   /  Decoding Emerging Trends in Technology Post COVID -19 Pandemic
Technology, COVID 19, 5G Network, E-commerce, Cloud computing

Decoding Emerging Trends in Technology Post COVID -19 Pandemic

Technologies like E-commerce, 5G network, Cloud computing are observed to be a massive transforming force post-COVID 19.

With the ongoing pandemic ravaging economies day by day, it has become clear that an alternative solution must be explored for sustaining economies. With businesses and organizations working remotely, the dependency on digital transformation has been observed as a necessity for a thriving business. From the use of AI in supply and demand chain to the contactless payment, a major shift has been viewed amongst businesses, where digital transformation is gaining momentum.

These technological trends are not only a temporary solution for enhancing business models, but they are also viewed as permanent fixtures for reviving the economy and business. The unprecedented situation due to pandemic would also mean utilizing a different strategy to run businesses in the future. Experts view that digital transformation would be a game-changer over the coming years in reforming businesses.

Thus, it becomes imperative for decoding the emerging technological trends post-COVID 19.


The concept of E-commerce has not been alienated amongst organizations and businesses. Even before COVID 19 battered the financial outlook in companies and organizations, most of the big technologies like Amazon were already rooting towards applying E-commerce.

But as the pandemic has put the global supply-chain on edge, the importance of E-commerce has been viewed more than ever. In the retail market, for example, digitally transforming businesses has enabled many business owners to function efficiently without getting much affected because of the pandemic. Not only are enterprises harping on data that can associate them with customer preferences providing them an insight of strategical outlook, but in the long run, digital transformation has also been accessed to be cost-effective.

5G Network

This technology has been talking about the town ever since Huwaei announced its 5G transformation plan. However, as Coronavirus rendered organizations to work from home, it is observed that good network connectivity would be imperative in the long run.

An S&P Global report suggests that top US operators, which are the potential 5G contenders such as T Mobile US Inc, and Verizon Communications Inc, have already vowed to deploy a 5G plan. In China, Ericsson is moving forward to enroll its 5G goals. In a report, Ericsson estimated that by the year 2025, the number of 5G users would soar to 30% or about 2.8 billion.

Another point that is noteworthy regarding this long-awaited technology is;

  • Already 380 Operators are currently investing in 5G.
  • In more than 35 countries, almost 80 operators have launched commercial 5G services.
  • More than 45 OEMs have launched or announced a 5G device.

Cloud Computing

Organizations around the world are harping on Cloud computing to use cloud services for storing data. A report states that a surge of 77% has been observed while using cloud services. In another Gartner report, cloud computing services have seen an increase in 43% during the pandemic. With the ongoing pandemic, the demand for cloud-based video-conferencing for official purposes or teaching has sky-rocketed. Experts observe that the demand for cloud computing would continue to increase, as the requirements for enhanced business models and educational up-gradation would require the utilization of cloud services. In the long run, the sky would be the limit for cloud computing.

Robotic Process Automation

While organizations are deserted to work from home, because of the ongoing pandemic,  the organizations have deployed RPA for mundane tasks that would have otherwise been performed by humans.   A Global Survey report forecasts that by the year, the world would witness an increase of 30% in the utilization of RPA. With big players like Amazon and Microsoft already occupying the RPA playground, experts are positive that the investment in RPA would be humongous in the future.

Robots and Drone

Another technology that has emerged during the COVID 19 era is the utilization of Robots and Drone in the health care sector. For maintaining the circular of social distancing, while delivering the healthcare services, Robots and Drones are being applied for contact tracing.

These technologies have a rampant utilization amongst healthcare, especially while treating patients and drawing out awareness campaigns.

Conversational AI

For businesses to flourish, it becomes essential to listen to the queries of the customer. Since working remotely, has hindered this process of responding to customer requests by humans, deploying conversational AI has been viewed as a success by organizations. Experts have already forecasted the year 2020 to be the year for conventional AI. But with the pandemic and increased utilization of conventional AI, it has been observed that it is going to be a growing force in the future.