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CumRocket Cryptocurrency: Elon Musk’s Tweet has Skyrocketed its Price

  /  Latest News   /  CumRocket Cryptocurrency: Elon Musk’s Tweet has Skyrocketed its Price

CumRocket Cryptocurrency: Elon Musk’s Tweet has Skyrocketed its Price

A crypted tweet from Elon Musk has surged the price of CumRocket in the adult content industry.

Tweets from Elon Musk travel faster than the light! Yes, he is again on the front page of the news with his viral tweet that has skyrocketed the price of a cryptocurrency of the adult content industry, CumRocket. Elon Musk contributed to the rise of the CumRocket cryptocurrency price from US$0.06 to US$0.28 just like he did with Dogecoin. It showed a hike of up to 400% in just ten minutes on June 5, 2021. Let’s dig into more details on this new trendy CumRocket through this article.


What is the CumRocket cryptocurrency?

The CumRocket cryptocurrency is claimed to be the deflationary decentralised finance token to disrupt the multi-billionaire adult content industry. It was launched in April 2021 as a blockchain technology project to reshape the adult content industry efficiently with smooth transactions. The tokens of this new cryptocurrency are known as the CUMMMIES that target to liberalise the NSFW (Not-Safe-For-Work) adult content industry so that all parties can reap the benefits from a safe environment. This platform allows the users to chat, text, sext as well as exchange unfiltered and uncensored content with the CUMMIES tokens.

The CEO of CumRocket cryptocurrency is a successful software engineer, Lydia and a professional in the cryptocurrency market, Chris. This is the first-ever cryptocurrency that has the sole focus on the adult content industry with the thriving NFTs and smart tokens for authentication. The integration of blockchain technology provides various functionalities to the creators such as sharing contents, recognizing artists as well as achieving lucrative rewards for their prominent efforts. The CEOs desire to transform the taboo of pornography into a fair and safe work environment. The credit goes to the tweet from Elon Musk for gaining a lot of attention from various investors worldwide.


How does CumRocket work in blockchain technology?

The new cryptocurrency is a novel 18+ NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace where the CUMMIES are stored on a blockchain and are reserved for specific, yet interchangeable digital content. CumRocket works on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is secured by the 3 second block time with a Proof-Of-Stake consensus mechanism. This blockchain is different from the Bitcoin blockchain where the node validators are selected on the number of coins staked as well as the amount of time those have been held for. It does not require a significant amount of electricity and computing for the transactions. The content creators can effortlessly transfer any content from one blockchain to another blockchain that leads them to a vast ecosystem.

There is a redistribution of 2.5% out of the 5% fee of each transaction to the holders in proportion to their holdings. Thus, this process makes scarcity in the supply of the CumRocket coins over time.  Despite the scarcity, content creators can post 30-minute pornographic clips with videos, sounds, GIFs as well as pictures to buy, sell, send and collect those unfiltered contents. The Binance Smart Chain blockchain network allows users to keep the porn private without having the file stored on any computer with a monthly or yearly fee.