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Crypto Investment Fraud Caused Airport official loses ₹5.85 lakh

  /  cryptocurrency   /  Crypto Investment Fraud Caused Airport official loses ₹5.85 lakh

Crypto Investment Fraud Caused Airport official loses ₹5.85 lakh

Airport official loses 5.85 lakh due to crypto investment fraud and this is all we know 

An airport-based assistant commandant of a law enforcement agency lost 5.85 lahks to crypto-currency cyber fraud. On December 11, the complainant, a 33-year-old resident of Chandivli, received a WhatsApp message from Brisha, who identified herself as an executive of a recruitment agency, Global Chat Platform, offering part-time work. It was necessary for him to like some YouTube videos.

Following the victim’s agreement, the woman sent him a few YouTube video links, which the complainant liked and, per her instructions, sent screenshots of his phone to Telegram chatting groups “Receptionist Riya” and “Working Task Group,” according to the FIR.

The complainant received the money promised.

He made a good living after following a similar set of instructions. Later, a message was shared on the Telegram group “Working Task Group” encouraging members to invest in cryptocurrency to earn large sums of money. The complainant agreed to invest in cryptocurrency and registered himself on the relevant website. 

The complainant then began depositing money into an account provided to him by the accused via UPI. The profit was not directly credited to his bank account this time, but he could see it being deposited in a virtual wallet in his name on the website. “The figures displayed in his virtual account prompted the complainant to increase his cryptocurrency investment,” the officer added. Meanwhile, the accused sent him a cryptocurrency firm registration certificate. However, the complainant discovered that the certificate was forged and suspected of foul play. 

He demanded the right to withdraw all of his earnings. In response, the fraudsters informed him that he would have to complete one final task to receive all of his money back and that he would have to pay more money to do so. The complainant then realized he had been duped, but he had already lost 5.85 lacks, according to the officer. Based on his complaint, the cyber police have opened an investigation into cheating, impersonation, forgery, document falsification, and other offenses.

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The cyber police typically investigate cases involving fraud above ten lakh rupees. Investigators have already written to service providers and banks inquiring about the mobile numbers and bank accounts used in the crime.