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CRN Storage 100: Top 6 Data Management Companies to Check out in 2021

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CRN Storage 100: Top 6 Data Management Companies to Check out in 2021

It is paramount that the data management strategy is well-considered, organized, and reported.

It is critical that your data management is well thought out, organized, and collected in order to make your analysis as time-efficient, measurable, and safe as possible. Technical, operational, structural, ethical, moral, and sustainability considerations all go into a successful data management strategy. When it comes to reproducing the research and findings, the time spent building up a successful data management strategy pays off.

CRN, a leading provider of IT news and analysis, recently published its 2021 Storage 100, a list of influential data storage vendors that solution providers should be aware of. The list includes both well-known and evolving data storage companies. Elements, software-defined storage, data processing, and data security are among the four product categories included on the list.

Following are the top 6 data management companies to consider in 2021, as determined by CRN’s complete rankings:



Through its DobiMigrate software, Datadobi helps businesses mitigate their file or object data between any on-premises or cloud storage framework. DobiProtect software defends data from cyberthreats, malware, unintentional deletions, and software glitches after it has been migrated.



Delphix creates the Delphix Data Platform, which automates data transformation, migration, and CI/CD implementation. To support modern business processes, the Delphix Data Platform brings along enterprise-wide data from mainframes to cloud-native practices, as well as data enforcement.



Egnyte provides a content protection, enforcement, and collaborative solution that manages all of an organization’s files, no matter where they are stored. Via a single approach, the product provides a range of user access functions, lifecycle management, data protection, enforcement, business process management, and API integration.  Egnyte also emphasizes granular policy controls for remote work and file system modernization.



Komprise creates analytics-driven data management solutions that allow clients to quickly understand, transfer, and monitor data in order to save money and gain business benefits without impacting access. Its intelligent data management technology employs analytics to provide real-time data analysis through all NAS and object data silos, on-premises and in the cloud.


Quest Software

Quest provides data management and data security, as well as technology to presciently run on-premises and in the cloud, and also to optimize back – ups, restore unused storage, and plan business continuity plans ahead of time.



Snowflake creates a data management tool that is made available as a service. The application loads and utilizes data from a variety of structured and unstructured sources. As a consequence of Snowflake’s extensive support for standard SQL, users can perform updates, disable, analytical tasks, transactions, and complex connections. The tool does not need any management or infrastructure. To analyze data, process reports, and run analytics, the columnar database engine employs advanced optimizations.