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Crazy Monkeys and Gutter Cat Gang, Two Flourishing Best Friends in The NFT Domain

  /  cryptocurrency   /  Crazy Monkeys and Gutter Cat Gang, Two Flourishing Best Friends in The NFT Domain

Crazy Monkeys and Gutter Cat Gang, Two Flourishing Best Friends in The NFT Domain

People’s NFT: Crazy Monkeys and Gutter Cat Gang shines in the NFT world

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are growing regardless of a relatively dull phase in crypto assets this year, as compared to the past two years. In 2022, enthusiasts witnessed the unveiling of multiple NFTs linked to popular names like singer Madonna, tennis star Coco Gauff, and actor Bill Murray. Footballer Ronaldo, who is currently in news for his expected exit from Manchester United, has also partnered with Binance for an NFT collection. Amid these star-studded events, relatively more minor projects are also piquing the interest of enthusiasts. Two of these NFT projects are Crazy Monkey and Gutter Cat Gang.


Crazy Monkeys

There are two sets of NFTs ‘Crazy Monkeys’, and ‘Crazy Monkey’ available for enthusiasts, something that can confuse people. The former is listed on the Moonly marketplace and is a collection of 3,333 digital assets. This set is said to have algorithmically generated assets that use the Solana blockchain network. The mint date of this collection was 24 January 2022. The other set, ‘Crazy Monkey’ is available on the Foundation NFT marketplace. This set belongs to Le Thanh Tung, who is a young visual artist from Vietnam. The collection houses five NFTs and their price is mentioned in the ETH denomination on Foundation. Both the above two with similar sounding names do not command expensive prices. The NFTs might be trending, but they are yet to invite high bids from digital art lovers.


Gutter Cat Gang

The collection is projecting itself as a ticket to an “underground” Web 3.0 social club. Gutter Cat Gang is being called the “premium” membership to the club. This is in contrast to other assets, with ‘dogs’ and ‘rats’ in their names, representing the gang’s base-level membership. The premise here is that in the future, humans inhabit multiple planets and the Earth has been taken over by cats. Other NFTs like Gutter Rats are vying for supremacy over Gutter Cats. The project also has merchandise which includes funky shorts and t-shirts. A total of 3,000 NFT assets of Gutter Cat Gang are listed on OpenSea, and the website shows that there are currently 1,800 owners. The floor price of the Gutter Cat Gang collection is mentioned as 6.2 ETH tokens, which is lower than that of assets from the CryptoPunk and BAYC collections.

The collections mentioned above have a very modest price in comparison to high-ticket sales of assets of Beeple, CryptoPunk, and BAYC. Beeple alongside another artist Pak is one of the best-selling NFT artists in the world. Projects with multiple assets include CryptoPunk and BAYC, and some of the NFTs of both have been bought by spending millions of dollars. This year has not been phenomenal with respect to the selling price of NFTs. Even the entry of big names like Madonna could not spark a frenzy that could match that of the previous year. Some view NFTs as overpriced collectibles that have shone only because the collectibles’ ownership is recorded on a blockchain in the form of NFTs.