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  /  CXO Insights   /  CPQi: Augmenting the Financial Services Industry with Digital Transformation and Innovative Solutions

CPQi: Augmenting the Financial Services Industry with Digital Transformation and Innovative Solutions

With a focus on digital transformation, predictive artificial intelligence, DevOps, and cloud migration, CPQi provides managed services, including building, implementing, and supporting financial market systems for leading American economies.

CPQi was founded in 2006, right before the 2008 recession. While the company began in the UK, its major growth occurred in Fortaleza, Brazil, where they provided financial institutions across the Americas with high quality technology services and resource augmentation.

CPQi started off providing managed services and resource augmentation to businesses across the Americas from their Brazil center. Since then, the company has expanded into offices across North and South America, bringing the most cutting-edge strategies and solutions to their industry.


A Transformational Leader

Matt Midson is the CEO of North America at CPQi. Having led the company’s USA entity with strength and innovation, Matt was entrusted with leadership of the entire North America region. Matt held significant stature in the global technology banking world before joining CPQi. He served as CIO and senior IT leadership positions in various prominent firms and Tier 1 banks. He has over 28 years of experience in consulting and business development within the financial services industry. Matt has a demonstrated history of managing all aspects of technology and business – spanning capital markets, corporate and commercial banking.

Matt has driven exceptional growth and innovation at CPQi North America since he joined. His balance of IT leadership experience, industry knowledge, delivery foundation, and humor has led CPQi into an exciting new phase of prosperity and transformation.


Delivering Innovative Financial Solutions  

CPQi benefits its clients by transforming in-person banking to digital banking, which is achieved through the processes of cloud computing. Cloud computing is the delivery of virtual services such as servers, databases, networking, and storage. By using cloud-based services, companies can avoid dealing with the technological complexities of physical computing infrastructure. Cloud computing is then paired with DevOps, which combines practices in both software development and IT operations to bridge the gap between the two and provide smoother and more efficient digital functioning. 

CPQi’s comprehensive Digital Transformation service provides both cloud migration to easily move businesses into the cloud space and DevOps to work in conjunction with the cloud to provide continuous delivery. The company’s models are set up to be flexible in their nature, delivery is based on demand and workflows can be modified when needed. Its diverse experience and range of teams are focused on delivery, project management, development, and more. Flexible cost packages mean CPQi’s clients have a predictable cost base to work from when planning their budgets.

CPQi blends this great service, strong cost offering, DevOps and cloud delivery model with predictive AI technology designed specifically for each financial institution, and omnichannel banking solutions aimed at bringing clients closer to their users. The company’s disruptive offerings bring financial institutions more in touch with their users, employees, and the world at large.


Reaching People with Quality Offerings and Key Partnerships

Matt says that everyone at CPQi is trained in both banking and technology, so CPQi’s clients never have to explain banking concepts to their team. This double training ensures the company’s team understands the projects they are working on intimately and the role they play in building the systems that run the global economy.

Another unique component at CPQi is that many of its leaders are ex-banking-CIO’s and work closely on the projects they deliver for their clients. The company’s nearshore resource centers are always in the same time zone as its clients. This means that while CPQi are able to offer great rates, its clients do not have to sacrifice speed, delivery, or safety. When urgent issues occur, it is essential that teams work in the same time zone, making many offshore alternatives difficult to maintain. Communication avenues can become disrupted, making it harder to get high-quality work out efficiently. 

Working with people in the same time zone is also essential when building out DevOps environments – an important part of creating a stronger, more robust financial institution. With CPQi’s presence across North and South America, its services are usually more cost-effective than using local contractors and are always provided by well-skilled people working in the same time zone.

CPQi’s key partnerships with many of the world’s leading financial technology providers, along with truly incredible businesses like Summus Group, have helped the company drive innovation.


Growing with Disruption

CPQi Group was set up in 2007, right before the global economic crisis of 2008-09. With bases in Brazil, the group initially faced two main challenges. Firstly, the economic climate across the world was deteriorating, and secondly, people’s knowledge and acceptance of Brazil at the time was not strong. Brazil and the entirety of LATAM have since proven themselves exceptional areas from which to deliver digital transformation and financial technology projects.


Commendable Recognitions and Accolades

CPQi recently opened a new resource center in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is a truly exciting achievement for the company. The company has been recognized as:

– 50 Innovative Companies to Watch by Silicon Review in 2021

– Most Outstanding FinTech Solutions Provider 2021 by the Corporate Excellence Awards

– 12 FinTech Companies to Watch by Invest Ontario,

– CIOReview’s 50 Companies at the Forefront of Microsoft Solutions 2021

CPQi’s CEO was also named one of the Top Influential Business Leaders at CIO Prime Views. Furthermore, their CEO had a major speaking role at the Digital Transformation Conference.


The Future of Digital Banking

CPQi sees digital transformation as the future of banking and is strongly positioned to deliver this change over the coming years. The company believes AI, DevOps and Channels will still play a crucial role in the next ten years, and it will evolve those services to build stronger relationships with clients, manage risks and create collaborative environments.