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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Conversational AI and the fight with Covid-19 pandemic

Conversational AI and the fight with Covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global crisis. Since the outbreak, the governments and other healthcare organizations in a collaborative endeavor have been trying to discover various solutions for the millions of people suffering from this deadly virus. These solutions cater to the emergency protocols undertaken to fight the COVID-19 virus. One such successfully implemented solution is the use of Conversational AI


AI-based Chatbots have proven to be of immense value in these dark times. It is swift and provides an excellent medium for communication, with accurate results. It has helped several large-scale companies, government organizations, and individuals to step outside the limitations and communicate on a digital platform, making communication more accessible and easy. According to reports, Conversational AI in the global market is expected to grow from US$ 4.8 Billion in 2020 to US$ 13.9 Billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 21.9%. 


Since the outbreak, there have been several facts about the virus from reliable and unreliable sources. The rise of social media platforms during the lockdown has led to an escalation in misinformation. These misinformation further gave rise to questions, queries, and requests. And since traditional forms of media were not much effective in communication and dissemination of the correct information, Conversational AI gained popularity. Online AI chatbots were successful in providing the information with quicker solutions.


Let’s take a look at how Conversational AI is making a difference during this pandemic:

  • Replaced humans in call centers: Since the pandemic has forced companies to shut down, the employees started working from home, for which several companies were not ready. Many customer support representative offices and other call centers had to stop their business operations or shut down completely, which led to heavy financial losses. To bridge this gap, many companies chose to use AI-based Chatbots as a replacement for humans. The use of these conversational chatbots became success stories. After employing these virtual assistants, the companies witnessed increased traffic and fewer wait time for customers. 
  • Assisting medical workers and patients: Conversational AI has been a huge helping hand for medical workers and patients. These AI-based chatbots successfully monitor and analyze the data online and assist medical workers with instant information. Patients and their family members can take immediate assistance from these AI-based chatbots about the availability of hospital beds, medicines, and oxygen ventilators. Users can also find answers to the most popular questions concerning the pandemic. One such example is IntroBot, founded in India by Utkarsh Roy and Divyaansh Anuj. This platform provides verified leads about the availability of beds, plasma, oxygen cylinders, and other sources. 
  • Increased employee engagement: In the wake of the pandemic, organizations globally have taken to work from home. Some companies are even considering permanent work from home due to Covid-19. But this sudden shift to the digital work environments has led to many complexities for the employees. But the use of Conversational AI has made the execution of tasks easier by overcoming limitations and difficulties. Starting from scheduling meetings and interviews, screening resumes and reports, to automating other administrative tasks, Conversational AI is the one-stop solution for all. 
  • Promoting e-commerce: The e-commerce industry has witnessed a surge in its operations since the outbreak of the virus. With repeated lockdowns and the fear of coming in contact with the virus, people have started to prefer at-home deliveries rather than going out in the market. Applications providing live chat facilities and voice assistant, Conversational AI have catered to the needs of the people in this pandemic. It provides instant information about groceries, emergency supplies, food, or merchandise. 


The current state of Conversational AI speaks volumes about the need to deploy AI-based chatbots in other spheres of the industry. Since we are getting deeper into the pandemic, Conversational AI is becoming a big part of our lives, helping us to stay safe and fight the pandemic at the same time.