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coMakeIT: Accelerating Digital Transformation with a Product-Centric Strategy

  /  CXO Insights   /  coMakeIT: Accelerating Digital Transformation with a Product-Centric Strategy
Steven ten Napel, Co-founder and CEO of coMakeIT

coMakeIT: Accelerating Digital Transformation with a Product-Centric Strategy

coMakeIT is a software product engineering company that accelerates product innovation, modernizes aging applications and productizes best practices into new software IP. The company was first established in the Netherlands and India in 2006.  coMakeIT provides software product development services to help ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) excel in making innovative products. The company leverages a unique blend of software craftsmanship, technology stewardship and product-thinking.

Some of coMakeIT’s Services include,

• Reducing Time to Market by co-creating state-of-the-art software products with full-lifecycle product engineering services.

• Continue to be competitive and be a part of the platform economy by modernizing legacy software.

• Lowering total cost of ownership by running a hands-free software factory, creating continuous product innovation.

• Productizing enterprise’s best practices into new software IP and transforming it into a product-centric digital business

coMakeIT’s core mission is to help software businesses innovate continuously by building future-ready software products and modernizing legacy applications.

Founded by a core team of Research & Development professionals with decades of experience in building enterprise-scale and sophisticated software products for global markets, coMakeIT has been helping numerous global customers realize their innovation goals. The company started as a small seventeen member team, which has blossomed into an entity with more than 250 employees. coMakeIT’s customers and many employees who started with the initial team in 2006 are still with the company. The initial team also branched three companies out of coMakeIT that is flourishing with more than 500 employees.


Meet the Successful Duo

The founders of coMakeIT, Kiran Madhunapantula and Steven ten Napel, the Founder and  COO and CEO of the company respectively have experience in leading captive software development centres of large international software companies such as Baan and Cordys. The duo saw an opportunity to build a business with product companies, planning to expand to India and wanted to offer them something that many other companies couldn’t at that time. Their view was to deliver software product development capability as a service. Kiran and Steven were convinced that the speed of software innovation and the ability to participate in business networks based on integrated partnerships will dominate the world markets.

Since its inception in 2006, coMakeIT has been helping numerous software businesses around the world to handle the dual challenges of technology and business model disruption. Under the leadership of its founders, the company bridged the cultural gap to bring people from diverse backgrounds and forge their skills to build scalable and reliable products for businesses keen on innovation.

coMakeIT’s unique co-innovation model designed to seamlessly integrate distributed development organizations and overcome cultural differences helped many of its customers achieve better business outcomes.


TOP Cloud – Distributed Development Organization

Software businesses worldwide are struggling to keep progressing at the same pace as the technologies they work on. With TOP Cloud™, coMakeIT enables software businesses to set up distributed development organizations. The company designed multiple teams with operational models to suit the needs of various software businesses.

coMakeIT collaborates with businesses to share the enormous pressure in order to stay aligned with evolving customer needs and achieve faster time-to-market. The company’s innovation strategies such as co-creation are a critical business necessity.


Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Track Changes and Deliver Products

Today’s industry is evolving so fast that software systems are becoming essential to track technological advancements and predict the future. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) advances to create more intelligent systems, coMakeIT’s BigData Analytics helps companies to closely track changes and deliver products that meet user expectations. This calls for innovative product management strategies like CD/CI and expert guidance to tackle the disruption they bring to the ecosystem. All these developments are coming in conjunction. For most companies, it is not either-or, but all the above at the same time. That makes it extremely challenging. Moreover, coMakeIT needs to build scalable and agile processes that can make businesses resilient to disruptive changes.

coMakeIT’s CEO Steven ten Napel rightly stated that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are being challenged with significant technology and business model disruption. However, coMakeIT believes that to deal with these forces of disruption, most ISVs will either transform into platforms or become part of a platform ecosystem, and innovation is the key for achieving success in this endeavour. coMakeIT is ideally positioned as a competent technology partner to assist ISVs in this process.


Filling the Gap through Innovation

coMakeIT’s Technology Innovation Center (TIC) bridges the gap between emerging technologies’ potential and their practical usage in the current and complex business environment. TIC accelerates innovation with emerging technologies and reduces the risks of technology adoption.

TIC is powered by an experienced team with skills and capabilities in a wide range of emerging technologies. The initiative offers the following services,

• Design and creation of systems of intelligence based on AI/ML, AR/VR

• Creating connected platforms and product clouds based on IoT

• Development and deployment of cloud and digital-native applications

• Using scalable and flexible architectures based on microservices and event-driven frameworks such as AKKA to create reactive systems

• Using descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics from big data


Co-developing Intellectual Property together with Customers 

Some countries have caused major apprehensions among entrepreneurs that make intellectual property protection critical when it crosses borders. coMakeIT is in the business of co-developing intellectual property (IP) together with its customers. This negative perception caused due to some governments also impacted the speed of customer acquisition. India is very safe for IP developers, but coMakeIT had to first solve the fear of the unknown before making the customers onboard for product development. The other negative perception in the western software market is about attrition levels in India, quality of software delivery and raising salary levels.

coMakeIT’s unique engagement model, where the customer is at the driving seat, proves that attrition can be controlled and higher employee retention will create a knowledge bank that ensures quality delivery. The company also introduced a transparent pricing model to assure the customer of no hidden costs.


Remarkable Recognition from Leading Publications

coMakeIT believes that a company’s success should always be measured by its customers’ satisfaction. Henceforth, coMakeIT is very proud of its extremely high customer retention. Some of the company’s customers have been with it since the inception of coMakeIT.

The best feedback that coMakeIT can get, and is getting, is when the company’s customers start to see it as their Strategic Partner. In combination with the uniqueness of coMakeIT, this vision has resulted in the remarkable recent nomination, which the company is excited about. coMakeIT’s Co-Founder and COO, Kiran Madhunapantula, was felicitated by the prestigious media house ‘The Economic Times’ as one of the ‘Most promising business leaders of Asia 2020-21.’


Envisioning a Future Connected by Technology 

coMakeIT believes that every software product will either become a platform or be a part of the platform ecosystem, and software expertise will become the key to success in the digital world.

coMakeIT envisions a connected world in which every business will operate like a software company, a progressing world connected not just by technology but also by firmly integrated business partnerships. coMakeIT has been perfecting this cooperation model into a way of life and sees a bright and exciting future ahead.