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CloudQ: Promoting a Culture of Innovation Through Specialized IT Solutions

  /  CXO Insights   /  CloudQ: Promoting a Culture of Innovation Through Specialized IT Solutions

CloudQ: Promoting a Culture of Innovation Through Specialized IT Solutions

CloudQ is a software services company that specializes in providing high-quality technical goods and services. They use this technology to address business issues—relying on their outstanding IT knowledge and technical employees. CloudQ assists businesses in transforming their business processes to stay competitive, from strategy through implementation


Specialization in IT Solutions

CloudQ specializes in IT solutions and solves problems business owners face by examining issues and suggesting implementation of technology solutions to bring them products that make everything run a little more smoothly.

If a client has data needing integration with an existing solution, CloudQ handles that as well. The company works with Salesforce and also creates digital products, so business ROI and efficiency are increased dramatically. CloudQ also places highly skilled, certified professionals with the company’s clients alongside the company’s customization solutions. CloudQ takes pride in supplying best-in-class solutions.


Providing Digital Transformation Solutions

CloudQ’s mission has always been to collaborate with others in the industry and to provide comprehensive, sustainable, and economical cloud strategy and digital transformation solutions. The company was founded in the year 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia, with the name Syra infotek. Right from the beginning, the company was a strong performer in the consulting business and are experts at delivering quality managed services. Since then, CloudQ has scaled up from a $100,000 to a $20,000,000 business. CloudQ soon realized the market was changing and decided to focus on other areas like digital cloud and transformation rather than just consulting services.

The latest technology on the market was the cloud, so the company changed the name of the company to CloudQ. The company’s Q stands for quality because it’s what the company promises and provides. CloudQ is a highly ethical company, and follows industry standards, which never change either with a small business or a large enterprise.

CloudQ always makes sure they provide the right delivery, and so far, the delivery rate for clients is one hundred percent. More importantly, there are three main aspects to their delivery method:First,the company provides services for their customers after the project is complete to make sure the a doption rate is high. Second, CloudQ makes sure the system is being used thoroughly. Third, CloudQ provides training as a part of the implementation, making sure the client gets the necessary practice on the new software the company built.


An Insightful Leader

A lot of CEOs are figureheads, but CloudQ’s CEO, Yaser Hameed, is a hands-on executive.  Without Yaser, CloudQ would just be another IT company, but because of him, it’s a lot more like a family. Yaser strives to assure the employees are treated with utter respect and care. Because he built CloudQ in his garage back in 2013, the company means a lot to him, and it shows through the way he is engaged 100% of the time. There’s never an idea Yaser doesn’t want to hear, and he always gives innovations a fair shot at becoming something tangible, even if it doesn’t pan out in the end.


Making Clients’ Businesses RunMore Smoothly

CloudQ takes its clients’ businesses and makes them run more smoothly through integration with solutions. Rather than slapping a bandage on an issue, the company truly listens to the pain points being experienced by clients, and then CloudQ outlines solutions the company can implement that will like a soothing balm on the joints of the operation. Everything gets a little grease, allowing data and tasks to flow more smoothly through the processes. CloudQ handles the project from beginning to end, making businesses more efficient, reducing overhead, and increasing ROI.


Disruptive Technologies That Develop Strategies

CloudQ’s customers are continually looking for ways to reduce costs, drive innovation in their organizations, and bring growth into new markets. Disruptive technologies are challenging the company’s customers to rethink their strategies around people, products, and processes. CloudQ partners with clients and brings industry experts to develop strategies and solutions that are best for the clients’ businesses. AI and big data bring exciting, but radial,new products and service offerings for CloudQ’s clients.


Promoting a Culture of Innovation

CloudQ is a partner of both Salesforce and ZOHO, and the company has developed innovative, low-cost products to help small businesses and non-profits. The company promotes a culture of innovation by allowing team members to suggest and implement new products continuously.


Obstacles Faced by the Company

Like any business, CloudQ has experienced growing pains, but those were mitigated beginning last year with the hiring of the company’s COO, Michael Goggin. Goggin came in and streamlined processes that were out of whack, put employees in key positions, and smoothed the flow of new hires and project management. People weren’t thriving in their jobs because those employees’ specialties were elsewhere. Goggin has been able to identify those folks and play a bit of shuffleboard, getting people engaged where they need to be, as well as bringing in new people to offset the higher workload. Now, things are running much more smoothly, and CloudQ’s client list is growing like wildfire. The company is more efficient, and the bottom line is leveling out. Michael has become a true right hand to CloudQ’s CEO, Yaser, and they’re bringing CloudQ into a whole new era of innovation, sustainability, and success.


Achievements and Recognitions

CloudQ has been on the Inc. 5000 list four years in a row, from 2018-2021. They have received the TiE Atlanta Top Entrepreneur award, the AJC 100 Top Workplaces in Atlanta award, and the USPAACC Fastest-Growing Asian-American Business award. The company achieved Silver Level Partner status with Salesforce in CloudQ’s second year as partners, have 100+ Salesforce experts, 200+ active Salesforce certifications, and 4.96 Salesforce CSAT overall score.


Expansion and Future of the company

The roadmap for CloudQ is to add more cloud-based technologies and to increase service offerings. CloudQ expanded into cybersecurity this year, and the company sees this as a critical domain in the future because cyber-attacks,resulting in massive amounts of data being compromised and/or outages of critical infrastructure,are becoming more prevalent. Since the United States government has issued new data security requirements for big businesses, this expansion seemed like a logical next step for CloudQ. The company is industry agnostic and excited to be part of the digital and cloud transformations for new customers. This means CloudQ also plans to continue its investment in being leaders in driving innovation with disruptive and sustaining technologies.