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ChatGPT is Great, but its Drawbacks are Even More Dangerous

ChatGPT solves coding problems for free, but may put many coders at risk

Open AI, a research firm specializing in artificial intelligence, has created a war scenario for Human coders with its newly launched chatbot. The company has revealed an AI-powered chatbot, dubbed ChatGPT, for public testing. Open AI claims that researchers have trained the ChatGPT to interact with users in a “conversational way”, making it accessible to a wider group of people.


Besides that, Open AI’s ChatGPT can help with writing codes for websites and apps within seconds. After testing the AI-backed system, many users on Twitter presented their experience with ChatGPT and said that ChatGPT solves coding problems for free, in a very simple and effective manner. This AI chatbot was able to solve complex coding-related problems in just seconds. For now, ChatGPT is free to test on OpenAI’s official website, and users will be asked to create a username. The website asks whether you are a coder or testing the chatbot for personal use. The website will also ask for the user’s mobile number to access the tool. Notably, the same company is known for creating Dall-e, which also leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop a caricature of almost everything from natural language descriptions.


How does OpenAI’s ChatGPT work?

Here we will simply explain the functions of ChatGPT without getting technical. ChatGPT basically works by using a large corpus of conversational data to train a transformer-based model. This model is then used to develop human-like responses to user input, allowing for natural conversations with a virtual assistant.” If you want the technical explanation. ChatGPT is a natural language processing (NLP) model created by OpenAI. It is a transformer-based model that is trained on a large corpus of conversational data. It has been created to deliver human-like responses to user input, allowing for natural conversations with a virtual assistant”. According to OpenAI, the chatbot uses Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) technology, but with a different approach in data, collection setup to make replies more human-like.


As every coin has two sides, the chatbot also has some serious drawbacks. Many Twitter users have come to realize that ChatGPT could potentially be used for both good and evil. ChatGPT drawbacks can put them at risk as it can be prompted to reveal loopholes in smart contracts. Stephen Tong, co-founder of smart contract auditing firm Zellic asked ChatGPT to help find an exploit, presenting a piece of smart contract code. The bot responded by noting the contract had a reentrancy vulnerability where an exploiter could repeatedly withdraw the funds from the contract and provided an example of how to fix the issue. This similar type of exploit was used in May by the attacker of the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Fei Protocol who made off with US$80 million.


Others have shared results from the chatbot after prompting it with vulnerable smart contracts. One Twitter user shared a screenshot of ChatGPT, which provided the exact code needed to fix a Solidity smart contract vulnerability commenting “we’re all gonna be out of a job.” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said that the tool was “an early demo” and is “very much a research release.” He further said that “language interfaces are going to be a big deal” and tools such as ChatGPT will “soon” have the ability to answer questions and give advice with later iterations completing tasks or even discovering new knowledge.