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ChatGPT Combined with Artificial Intelligence- The Future is in the Dark!

OpenAI’s new AI tool ChatGPT is mindblowing but these evolving AI trends can put us at risk

An AI chatbot that meets the hype is finally here. Late last month, OpenAI came up with a new AI tool, ChatGPT that uses artificial intelligence to tell stories and write code. It has the potential to take over certain roles traditionally held by humans, such as copywriting, answering customer service inquiries, writing news reports, and creating legal documents.

As the wave of artificial intelligence continues to improve, more and more current jobs come into danger Zone because of the automation in the industry. But AI presents opportunities as well and will generate new jobs and different kinds of organizations. The question is not whether artificial intelligence will be good enough to take on more cognitive tasks but rather how we are going to adapt it. Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman is the world’s leading expert in human judgment and spent a lifetime documenting its shortcomings.  Kahneman presented his thought in 2021, “Yes, AI tools may have flaws, but human reasoning is deeply flawed, too. Therefore, “Clearly artificial intelligence’s innovations are going to win.” He further added, “How people adjust is a fascinating problem.”

The key to adjusting is figuring out how to redesign our economic systems to fully engage the working population. That will require system solutions that don’t just shift the same tasks between people and machines. As we describe in our new book, Power and Prediction: The Disruptive Economics of Artificial Intelligence, a system solution changes a workflow, disrupting old ways of doing things and generating new ones.

Consider ChatGPT:  With new generative language models, we may soon have machines that can take over the work of writing out ideas in easy-to-read, grammatically correct paragraphs. This will enable millions more people to write well. Those of us who make our living through our ability to parse the rules of English grammar and rhetoric may suffer from this competition because ChatGPT combined with artificial intelligence has upskilled the rest of the population.  Also, ChatGPT lacks moral values. A person may be entitled to their set of ethics, beliefs, opinions, and morals, but in any given society there exist social norms and unsaid rules about what is and isn’t appropriate. ChatGPT’s lack of context could prove to be dangerously problematic when dealing with sensitive issues like sexual assault.

Moreover, ChatGPT disrupts industries as it is capable of being sexist and racist. It has reportedly written many programs basing a person’s capability on their race, gender, and physical traits, in a manner that’s plain discriminatory. OpenAI has been upfront about the AI’s shortcomings including its ability to “produce harmful instructions or biased content” and continues to fine-tune ChatGPT. Recently StackOverflow banned AI-generated answers. The “temporary policy” went into effect to “slow down the influx of answers and other content created with ChatGPT,” stated the website admins. Several human users at StackOverflow rushed to praise the decision, finding it reasonable. Ironically, ChatGPT’s take on the matter seems much more impartial. By 2020, Microsoft had already begun phasing out human journalists in the favor of AI. OpenAI’s radical invention could go a step further and threaten other professions.



No doubt, Artificial Intelligence innovation is shaping our lives. ChatGPT along with some similar AI tools is making our lives easy. In fact, it is the first AI chatbot that’s enjoyable enough to speak with and useful enough to ask for information but it has also some limits, some quite annoying. Its wrong answers can misguide us. Also, these AI technologies can kill many job opportunities and can put our future in dark.