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CEO of Tech Giant IBM Thinks ChatGPT Takeover a Good Thing

  /  Latest News   /  CEO of Tech Giant IBM Thinks ChatGPT Takeover a Good Thing

CEO of Tech Giant IBM Thinks ChatGPT Takeover a Good Thing

We have gathered information about the CEO of tech giant IBM thinks the ChatGPT takeover is a good thing

IBM was once the world leader in artificial intelligence, deploying robots to compete in games of chess and Jeopardy! champions in media stunts broadcast live. Now that AI is back in the spotlight, IBM is not even close to leading the pack. Arvind Krishna, the CEO of tech giant IBM, discussed his efforts to revamp tech giant IBM‘s AI business in an interview with the Financial Times. What he wound up giving were troubling forecasts of work.

Krishna stated, “We do have a shortage of labor in the real world, and that is due to a demographic issue that the world is facing.” The unemployment rate in the United States is currently 3.4%, the lowest it has been in 60 years. This time, it’s a good thing that we can find tools that can do some of the work for us.

Krishna gave a few examples of jobs that he believes AI will take over and ChatGPT takeover a good thing. He mentioned customer service as one area where AI can provide “a much better answer at maybe around half the current cost.” Krishna suggested that businesses can use AI to help with hiring or promotions by having a bot gather information and a human make the final decision.

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In addition, the CEO asserted that AI can outperform human workers at administrative tasks in the healthcare and financial services industries.

Krishna stated, “There are hundreds of such processes within every enterprise, so I do think this will be able to replace clerical white-collar work.” These methods could automate a significant portion of that.

In recent months, a business leader has celebrated the work that can be replaced by an algorithm, and this is not the first time they have done so. Many jobs, including those of artists, copywriters, paper-pushing lawyers, influencers, and even journalists, are in danger of being replaced by AI.

Tens of thousands of potential Henrys have lost their paychecks, but Krishna is not celebrating. However, this is the effect that workers can anticipate if AI technology fulfills the promises made by the tech industry. If the past 50 years of economic history are any guide, AI cost-cutting profits won’t be passed on to employees.

If you want to call it that, there has been a shortage of workers over the past few years. Businesses are having trouble filling many positions, and unemployment is at an all-time low (though it is important to keep in mind that people who have stopped looking for work altogether do not count as unemployed).

Media frenzy as a result tends to attribute the issue to disengaged “quiet quitters,” a lazy population that does not want to work and would rather receive “free money” in exchange. Most of the time, workers are blamed in the discussion, not businesses, who don’t want to raise wages to a point where they attract employees.

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Be assured that some so-called “low-skilled jobs” will be replaced by AI, and as technology improves, the definition of low-skilled work will expand. Currently, ChatGPT is close to passing the exams required to become a doctor or a lawyer.

Let’s not forget that we are being exposed to a lot of AI snake oil salesmanship before we all grab our torches and start smashing laptops and mechanized looms.

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Even if you haven’t used tools like ChatGPT before, they are powerful and beautiful. They are, however, not “intelligent.

” The AI chatbots that everyone is worried about are very good at producing responses that appear to be accurate and efficient, but they are not very good at actually being accurate and efficient.