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The Women In Trucking Association is a non-profit organization with over 5,200 members around the world. The company's mission is to increase the number of women employed in the trucking industry, address obstacles and challenges that might keep women from

In today’s job market, one’s resume may fail to make an impact, let alone create an impression in the minds of the recruiters, or worse, it may be flawed with falsehood and misleading facts. Applicants may run the risk of

Telness is a telecom company challenging the traditional telecom and mobile providers and setting new standards in terms of technology, innovation, and customer experience. In short, the company offers a SaaS telecom platform for operators, and has built itself as

Paracosma is an Augmented and Virtual Reality Company entirely focused on the 3D revolution that is happening in technology right now. Computing is currently undergoing a major transition from 2D to 3D systems. This is enabling entirely new industries, from

Hindsait is a leading AI technology company offering better healthcare by enabling improved quality of care and prevention of unnecessary services, errors, and fraud. Hindsait was founded with the core mission to eliminate unnecessary healthcare and to address inefficiencies and

Carbon emission is a major threat to climate change   Electric Vehicles (EVs) are slowly making their way into commercial markets. Motor companies like Uber are coming up with plans to manufacture EVs to slow down the environmental impacts that petrol and diesel