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The companies that boast a higher representation of women on their boards, notably outperform the organization that doesn’t. Furthermore, studies have also outlined that women's leadership in business with greater gender diversity, not just within their workforce but directly among

For every business, the ultimate and undeniable focus is always growth. But the mainstream challenge is how to attain it in the most feasible and inexpensive way possible. Today, businesses are using technology to automate, integrate, and re-engineer most operational

Researchers are putting their hard efforts to make a soft-swimming butterfly robot The biologically inspired soft robot seems crucial in a lot of different scenarios, but as with any standards of technology, a soft robot has its limitations. Among other things,

Google Layoffs: Google's parent company Alphabet is planning to lay off about 10k employees Google's parent company Alphabet, is reportedly planning for big tech layoff. Google Layoffs will affect about 10,000 "employees and Google claim that they were performing poorly. Google

Gurugram, India – November 23, 2022: Samsung, India's largest consumer electronics brand, has started rolling out 4-year OS updates for Galaxy A33 5G, Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy A73 5G smartphones. The update brings a host of new experiences and

Meta pulled Galactica AI as it writes racist, falsehoods and potentially harmful stereotypes In the past few years, we have observed significant advancement in Artificial Intelligence and large language models (LLMs). From OpenAI’s GPT-3, which generates almost accurate texts in a

FIFA hopes that world cup fans will purchase their metaverse merchandise and raise the hype! With the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar just around the corner, Chinese soccer fans are eager to embrace the mega event, which is expected to