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Understanding how Robots learn by themselves to become cognitively capable We know that robots today can accomplish a multitude of tasks like assembling parts, picking farm produce, doing a quick scan of surroundings, and greeting people at malls. But can they

What are the capabilities of Reinforcement Learning? Reinforcement learning (RL) is a subset of machine learning (ML). It allows an agent to learn through the repercussions of actions in a specific ecosystem. It can be used to train a robot with

What are the new tech position demands in the current employment market? The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has brought to the fore several new challenges. And with that came along strict lockdowns, businesses halting their operations, a shrinking economy, especially the gig

Experts view lack of Transparency and discrepancies in the voting system with the software. The world is going to witness the most peculiar and interesting elections in the first week of November. With only a week left, all the eyes have

Panasonic’s Miraie receives the prestigious Red Dot Award for Brand & Communication Design with Analogy Design    New Delhi, October 26, 2020: Panasonic India- a diversified technology company along with Analogy Design, received the prestigious Red Dot Award (link) for excellence in

Harnessing the full worth of data using embedded analytics   Organizations of each category are producing more data because of ordinary tasks than ever before. You most likely realize that data is important, yet do you know its full worth? Gartner gauges

How Supercomputer helped in identifying the green cover in Sahara? Supercomputers are known for their impressive feat of carrying complex calculations, understanding earthquakes, folding proteins, recreating models for research, testing nuclear weapons, and more. Now, NASA scientists are using it to