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The reality is that IoT, both for industrial use and everyday use, is becoming increasingly relevant.   In recent years, the Internet of Things, also known as the IoT, has effectively transformed our everyday lives to the extent where even the non-technologically

The oil industry is moving towards digitalization in order to modernize strategies.   Since oil outlooks remain uncertain for 2021, companies are looking for new technology and innovation to move the industry forward after a tumultuous 2020. When thousands lost their employment

Can NIO's ET7 open New Chapter in the Chinese Electric Vehicle Circuit Founded in 2014, Chinese startup car manufacturer NIO from Shanghai is a relatively new contestant in the electric vehicle (EV) market. With Tesla dominating this sector, NIO is taunted

The drone revolution would transform the way logistics and transportation are conceived and understood.   Drone sales are increasing every year, and more and more people are embracing the concept of owning such devices. These unmanned aerial vehicles are now seeking more

More Than Quarter Century of Patent Leadership Demonstrates IBM’s Long-Term Commitment to a Culture of Scientific Discovery and Innovation IBM (NYSE: IBM) scientists and researchers received 9,130 U.S. patents in 2020, the most of any company, marking 28 consecutive years of

Key Drivers and Use Cases of Quantum Computing in Banking and Financial Sector From securities pricing to portfolio optimization, many financial services activities require assessing a range of potential outcomes. To do this, banks use algorithms and models that calculate statistical

With the aid of technological advances and growing investments in different industries, the labeling industry is undergoing a transformation.   The labeling sector is considered to play an important part in packaging, both as a container of pertinent data and as a