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What is Azure Stack HCI? What are the Updates in the New Version?   Microsoft says that Azure Stack HCI is a new hyper-converged infrastructure operating system delivered as an Azure service providing the latest and up to date security, performance, and

Teleportation is Finally Possible, at least in Quantum Scale says New Research Study   Quantum Computing has been baffling scientists and tech enthusiasts for quite a long time now. This fascination is evident given the plethora of scope and the potential it

Google Launched Cloud Healthcare API amid COVID-19. So What Are Its Promises?   In April this year, Google had announced the availability of the Cloud Healthcare API. It is designed to enable standardized data exchange between healthcare applications and solutions built on Google Cloud.

From the Nano-material Coatings to Clothing, Nanotechnology has made its way into our daily lives.   Nanotechnology is one of the exciting and most promising attributes of today’s advancements in the field of science and technology. It is an umbrella term that

Understanding the Basics of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) and How it Creates An Intelligent Enterprise   Automation has created a lot of buzz in the past few years, across several industry verticals. Every organization is trying its best to serve and retain

After Taking The World By Storm, Now, Wearables Will Find Widespread Application In The Business And Industrial World   Innovation is an element that drives the influx of transformation. We are now are crossroads of modern disruptive trends that have the potential

Understanding How COVID-19 Changed The Course Of Fintech Industry. It is no brainer that COVID-19 has changed the trajectory of many industries. Out of those, the Fintech sector has observed some major disturbances due to the stressed market. Several companies in