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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of technology to think and act like a human and is being utilized to help fight off potential cyberattacks. Employing AI and machine learning to detect vulnerabilities significantly enhances human capabilities, as AI can analyze and report millions of cyberthreats in

Artificial intelligence algorithms have significantly benefitted cybersecurity measures. Thanks to the ability of machine learning technologies, one can detect and take timely actions about a possible cyber threat before it wreaks havoc. But what if the artificial intelligence algorithm is

Usage of facial recognition without the permission of individuals could have possible safety advantages, but it is certainly a privacy infringement Facial recognition is a regular part of daily life now. Whether it's a security camera in supermarkets, logging into our smartphones

 New fully automated solution enables enterprises to secure all their cloud-native applications against known and zero-day attacks, using contextual AI technology, to overcome the limitations of traditional rule based WAFs   NEW DELHI –  February 16, 2021 – Check Point® Software Technologies

The new platform offers enhanced XDR, new risk visibility, new third-party integrations, and simplified response to complex threats     Organizations are struggling with siloed tools, disjointed alerts and stealthy, sophisticated threats, whether they have a Security Operations Center (SOCs) or are relying

The number of DDoS attacks has surged up amid the COVID-19 pandemic.   In the past few months, DDoS attacks have increased in frequency and with higher sophistication. Cloudflare reported witnessing a rise in extortion and ransom-based DDoS (RDDoS) cyberattacks targeting organizations

Highlights: Over 400 malicious Valentine's Day themed phishing individual email campaigns spotted weekly in January A 29% YOY increase in Valentine’s Day-themed domains registered in January Out of 23,000 domains, 523 were found malicious or suspicious The month of February is