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Twitter former security chief claimed that the company lied about bots and security, but why? According to testimony from the company's former head of security, the legendary hacker-turned-cybersecurity-expert Peiter "Mudge" Zatko, Twitter has concealed negligent security practices, misled federal regulators about

Investors buying cybersecurity stocks should check out this list before 2022 Top seven cybersecurity stocks to buy before 2022 to gain revenue in 2022 efficiently and effectively. This cybersecurity stocks list is helpful to investors buying cybersecurity stocks with the popularity

When we talk about cybersecurity, we always talk about it in a business context but what about you as an individual? And what about your family? Well, cybersecurity applies to you too. In this post I am gonna share my

Ethical Hacking is the authorized process of penetrating a system to expose the vulnerabilities and threats by which a malicious attacker can exploit a system to obtain confidential data or gain unauthorized access. The sole purpose is to resolve or

From healthcare, electronics, automotive to entertainment, every industrial sector is overlooked and regulated by one or another regulatory body that lays the guidelines for its day-to-day functions. For some critical divisions of a company, such as finance, multiple regulators control

'Okay, Google!' But is it really Okay when it comes to security and privacy of data?   Virtual assistants are everywhere these days, regardless of whether they're implanted in smartphones or utilized in the home, by both kids and adults. As innovation

For many of us, home has become the new office and for a few, traveling to the office has begun and we all have adjusted well to the new normal where the hybrid working model has taken center stage. There