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These soft robotics companies are providing efficiency and enabling transformation at the same time. Today's tech-driven innovations, have led to a revolution in our daily lives. Self-driving cars, intelligent digital agents, and robots are dominating industries and replacing the cores of

NASA is focused on utilising latest innovations in Robotics to enhance aeronautics industry NASA is a well-known independent agency, of the US federal government focused on enhancing the aeronautics industry with the implementation of Robotics. Robotics is thriving in multiple industries

Stretchy Artificial 'Skin' gives Robots a Sense of Touch A team of researchers from the University of Houston, have created a new type of “skin” that allows robotic limbs to feel hot and cold. While still in development, it could potentially

Know some  interesting facts about soft robots. What makes soft robots so interesting is their flexibility. The NASA scientists envision them one day skittering across the surface of Mars. Others see them worming their way into the deepest recesses of the

Robotic Augmentation is creating a negative impact on human brain with Third Thumb. Scientists from the University College London and the University of Oxford have discovered that robotic augmentation creates a negative psychological impact on human minds with the integration of

Global Tech Outlook, churns out the Best Certified Robotics courses in Indian colleges Recent years have shown that, students are interested in the wide array of Robotics and working with interactive robots throughout their professional life. Movies and TV shows have

The following are the latest robots that are being used for space exploration. The role of robots in space exploration has been significant due to the uninhabitable conditions of non-terrestrial planets in the solar system.   Robonaut (NASA) Robonaut was created in collaboration with