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Many researchers have developed methods to monitor the robotics industry using RL as a result in the recent victories of deep learning and reinforcement learning. Consider a future in which robots are so ingrained in human culture that they are as

Robotics is a complex field. Hence, you should have the necessary skills and know programming languages to succeed. Actually like any career, robotics demands a one of a kind set of hard and soft skills. It’s important to understand that roboticists

We have just seen the beginning of AI's potential and have yet to fully understand its full capabilities. For over seven decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot subject in the world of technology. Research teams have used AI to create

Soft bodied robots are distinguished from automotive or industrial robots by the use of soft, pliable materials in their design. Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are revolutionizing the way we live. AI-enabled robots would be able to see, interpret, and execute

Backed by Enterprise Ireland (Govt. of Ireland), Robotify explores the Indian market The EdTech company aims at creating a user base of Over 100,000 students in India by 2021 Robotify, an Irish virtual robotics education company, backed by Enterprise Ireland is to

Now robots can have tangible user interfaces A group of roboticists at MIT's Media Lab have created Project HERMITS, an initiative to create 3D-printable "mechanical shells'' to give robotic frameworks modular "tangible user interfaces" they can get and dispose of voluntarily.

Robots make it relatively easy in creating and carrying out a mission plan.   Various technical developments are taking place in our society today. It will be very different from what it is now in just a few decades. The rapid expansion