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Global Tech Outlook features some of the top made in India humanoid robots for Industry 4.0 The world used to watch different kinds of robots, especially humanoid robots in movies and TV shows and imagined real-life situations with them. Now, that

Global Tech Outlook provides a list of top lucrative robotic funding in September 2021 Robotics investments in millions of dollars are creating ample opportunities for robotics start-ups to build robots to enhance productivity as well as yield higher revenue for the

Global Tech Outlook explores the top interesting robotics workshops to attend in 2021 Students are highly interested in other fields of technologies, especially robotics, besides the traditional engineering courses. Robotics is one of the major disruptive technologies that can transform the

Regarding the impact of robots, there is a major debate among people about whether their effect would be positive or negative. The use of robots is growing around us. The following article aims to list the major effects robots will

In the first half of the last century, industrial robots such as the hulking one-armed Goliaths dominated the robotics space. Even though they were highly disruptive and served many human purposes, industrial robots were not sexy. Opening the door to

Have you ever had to get out of a warm bed to turn out the lights or spend a long time looking for a misplaced television remote? These annoyances will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to smart

Now, kids can also learn robotics, and here’s how Robotics is an interdisciplinary technology that involves various fields such as computer science, mechanical, electronics, and many more. Introducing robotics for kids at an early age will help them to gain a