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Robots are using AI to radically slow down or even reverse the global honeybee’s die-off Honeybees once when checking in at the BeeWise “Five-Star Hotel”, don’t want to come out. And a robotic arm is available there to take care of

An ant-like robot has been developed that can take a kick, get back up, and get back on its way In the past few years, we have observed significant advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the robotic industry. Quadruped robot developers like

The partnership is to help startup funding, connections, and engagements New Delhi, October 28, 2022:, a Singapore-based, global full-stack communications platform and solutions provider, announces a strategic, future-forward partnership with the We Founder Circle, a global community of successful founders and strategic

Working alongside robots could contribute to burnout and fears of losing your job In this era of artificial intelligence, robots are transforming the way of human’s work. Although the collaboration of humans with robots can generate new jobs and increase productivity,

Electronic brains allow microscopic robots to walk freely without any form of external control We have noticed many tiny robots before, but never like this. Researchers from Cornell have developed the first microscopic robots that operate without any form of external

AI Buddha software, an AI tool developed by Japanese researchers for spiritual guidance What does happiness mean? Why not ask AI Buddha? It is an AI tool that has been developed by Japanese researchers that brings spiritual guidance from ancient scriptures

The article presents the new era of robot novelists where AI-written books will be ruling Are you grappling to write a book? Maybe you have been planning to hire a ghost-writer, but there is no surety if it’s worth the money.