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Maths and robots can actually determine the techniques of combing and reducing your hair fall problems! Researchers have developed a mathematical understanding of detangling that could be used for textile manufacturing and robotic hairdressing. Scientists explore the maths and robots of

Ai-Da, the new robot artist can be your new art teacher, who can teach you professional drawing  If you've always been aware of Skynet, you will be able to recognize Ai-Da, a surreal robot that can draw people out of real-life

Alphabet’s flying delivery robots hit over 10,0000 deliveries as it announces a supermarket partnership Alphabet’s flying delivery robots have hit over 100000 deliveries as it announces a supermarket partnership. The Wing company operated by the Google parent Alphabet will begin flying

Mini robots, when injected into blood vessels can extensively help with medical treatment Imagine if your white blood cells had little robots helping them fight against malicious viruses? It would definitely make disease control so much easier. Researchers have long dreamed

Robots now have the ability to manipulate human feelings which seems quite dangerous for the future Emotional competence plays a crucial role in human communication. The robotic designs of interaction processes between humans and robots are increasing. As humans work to

Putin is leveraging AI-driven killer robots for winning this Russia-Ukraine war Technology and warfare have a much longer history of intimacy. But this millennium aggravates it further. With wars coming more and more under the grip of state-of-the-art technologies, there is

Bird Bot needs fewer motors than previous legged robots and can also scale to large size Bird Bot is a free, open-source checkout bot for Nintendo Switch consoles. It currently supports Walmart and Bestbuy. A team of scientists has constructed a