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Chinese company Xiaomi has apparently won over the Tesla bot hype with its CyberOne robot Chinese tech company Xiaomi has unveiled a prototype bipedal robot: the slick-looking CyberOne. The bot was unveiled last week, and, judging from a brief demo, can

California's Marine Advanced Robotics has rolled out the later robotic boats with spider legs! Sixteen years ago, California's Marine Advanced Robotics made a Wave-Adaptive Modular Vessel (WAM-V) 100-ft boat called the Proteus and it had everyone who saw it in awe.

Scientists have come up with robots that mimic the behaviors of ants to pass on messages Scientists from the University of Bristol have developed a small robot to teach ants and in turn, the ants were able to teach others in

Elon’s predictions over the Tesla robot are praiseworthy, but he is scaring the tech community! Despite all the selling away reports of Tesla shares, Elon Musk surely loves to brag about all the advances the company is making for the Tesla

The hidden secrets and treasures buried deep under the sea will be uncovered by this humanoid robot Stanford University, a premier higher academic institution in the world, has constructed OceanOneK, a humanoid robot. While humanoid robots are not something new in

The 'waggle dance' inspired by bees helped create a new robotic language The waggle dance used by bees to communicate where pollen is located has inspired a new motion-based robotics language. This month's Frontiers in Robotics and AI study demonstrated the

Scientists are transforming dead spiders into robots, a process that can be recognized as 'necrobotics' Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders that is excessive or irrational. It is usually treated with exposure therapy, in which a person is shown pictures and