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Quantum Computing

  /  Quantum Computing

Purdue University are working on a probabilistic computer that could cross the void between classical and quantum computing to solve various issues more efficiently. Quantum computing is a field of research that focuses on developing computational technology based on quantum mechanics

Quantum internet has the power to give businesses a competitive edge in a promising revolutionary technology and open up a new world of inventions and infinite possibilities  The development of the internet isn't as effective as it once was; rather, it

New applications of quantum computing in 2021 is adding to the power of computers   There is so much happening around quantum computing. IBM, Google and Microsoft are competing for quantum supremacy. IBM hopes to make a 50-qubit general-purpose quantum computer within

Everybody is gearing up for the race of quantum computing   An innovation for building quantum computers that has, for some time, been sidelined by significant organizations, is acquiring momentum. As quantum computing has changed from academic assignment to enormous business over

Key Drivers and Use Cases of Quantum Computing in Banking and Financial Sector From securities pricing to portfolio optimization, many financial services activities require assessing a range of potential outcomes. To do this, banks use algorithms and models that calculate statistical

BT to trial for 5G quantum security in the UK Recently, BT announced teaming up with Cambridge University spin-out Nu-Quantum and other university partners, research & technology organizations (RTOs), and a group of UK-based quantum technology start-ups on a project to

Can two promising disruptive technologies help the world in its crusade against Climate Change? The world continues to be fascinated by the AI storm. And why not? AI has helped bring massive digital transformation across various industry verticals, including traditionally rigid