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Smart clothing will help you charge your phone! Wearables for long have been proclaimed as the eventual future of smart technology. What used to be an industry of inconvenient wristwatches and headsets isn't slowing down and becoming more focused on smart

The aspirational woman of the 21st century has a steep learning and career curve ahead of them. There are varied new areas and fields for them to explore, whether it's across science and technology, banking and finance, management, arts, literature

A data-driven approach will aid in the identification and estimation of critical populations, ensuring that the vaccine program benefits the greatest number of people. When it comes to fighting Covid-19, vaccines are crucial, and their successful use is even more essential. Huge

Recent developments in AI, has prompted further research into how machine learning (ML) can help with the identification, evaluation, and treatment of mental health issues.   The increasing rates of mental illness and the need for appropriate mental health care, coupled with recent

Many Incidents of Sexual Harassments go Unreported. Can Artificial Intelligence Tools help us Fight this heinous Crime?   Sexual harassment is quite traumatic for people. As per an online survey launched in January 2018, by a nonprofit called Stop Street Harassment found that 81% of

AI is expected to take over more than 8-12% of journalists’ current tasks In the previous year, you have in all probability read a story that was composed by a bot. Regardless of whether it's a general article, an income report

For many of us, home has become the new office and for a few, traveling to the office has begun and we all have adjusted well to the new normal where the hybrid working model has taken center stage. There