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Meta Investors rage at ‘tone-deaf’ Zuckerberg planned to pour billions into metaverse initiative Major Meta investors are furious with social media giant CEO Mark Zuckerberg's plan to continue investing billions into his struggling metaverse initiative to ramp up the planning despite

Mark Zuckerberg has launched a creepy dead-eyed metaverse avatar and the trolls are having a field day! Last week, Meta showed yet another cringeworthy product of its US$10.2 billion investment in the metaverse: a demonic VR porcelain doll of Mark Zuckerberg

The Pope has embraced Metaverse to enter the Vatican Church through the NFT gallery in 2022 It is official! The Pope has also embraced the new advanced digital world, the Metaverse, in 2022. It is the perfect time for religion to

The Metaverse loss is temporary while Meta sets its gear for a long racing track towards success Meta Platforms (FB) posted a first-quarter loss of US$2.96 billion in its recently created Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) division, which comprises its augmented and

Meta’s introduction of reels on Facebook is nothing but an attempt to stay relevant in the era of TikTok If you look around the current social media platforms, you will find older people sharing posts and opinions on Facebook, now Meta,

A popular online metaverse platform has announced metaverse sales tax for in-metaverse purchases. The virtual world platform in the mid-2000s introduced Metaverse sales tax for the first time since its inception in 2003, setting a precedent for taxation within the Metaverse.