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Machine Learning

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Explain prior probability, likelihood, and marginal likelihood in the context of the naive Bayes algorithm? Answer: Prior probability is nothing but the proportion of dependent (binary) variables in the data set. It is the closest guess you can make about a

MIT researchers are using machine learning to improve drug delivery. Machine learning has come up with a new insight for drug delivery. Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Sarepta Therapeutics announced in 2016 a breakthrough drug that directly targets the mutated gene responsible for DMD.

Business leaders around the world are adopting massive technological changes to achieve success and enhance their operational productivity. These technological changes aim to transform the core business algorithms, amplify the growth of the business by changing its interactions with the

Global Tech Outlook features some of the top machine learning recommendation systems for daily life Every day we apply some accurate recommendations from different companies to purchase some essential products, services, watch movies, series, or listen to songs of the recommended

Global Tech Outlook features the top interesting Python libraries for machine learning in 2021 Python is one of the popular and trending programming languages in the major cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and many more. There are

The heart of Machine Learning beats in Central Europe Year by year, the data science-savvy minds from the CEE region gather at Data Science Summit. However, in 2021 the event has been postponed until December, which resulted in the additional, brand-new

Global Tech Outlook explains the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and neurophysiology The implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare industry is increasing day by day in this 21st century. The smart functionalities of AI models with neural networks and the transformation