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Machine Learning

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With the emergence of new diseases, it has become imperative for researchers to accelerate the solutions, patterns, and predictability of such diseases with the help of predictive analysis.    As the COVID 19 outbreak greeted the world, the healthcare industry scrambled to

A Brief Insight to the World of Sneakers and other Footwear run by AI   Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ruled almost every industrial niche with its alluring capabilities. Be it retail or logistics or healthcare; nowadays, every field is exploiting AI for

Let Us Explore How Predictive Algorithms Are Helping in the Retail Industry   Predictive algorithms are everywhere these days. Now, we are in an age when data holds the key to a company’s success and power to transform an industry. It is

Understanding the Challenges of Pricing and Why Retailers cannot Afford to Ignore Pricing Optimization   Pricing is an important factor and a fundamental problem in retail. It is one of the strategy parameters that can determine the success of a business brand.

How can Network Automation help Organizations?   Cisco defines Network automation (NA) as a process of automating the configuration, management, testing, deployment, and operation of physical and virtual devices within a network. At the fundamental level, network automation solutions help shift the

An overview of the impact of machine learning in a supply chain network. Supply chain management is one of the most complex business processes. It requires a considerable amount of proper and careful planning. Else a single loss of shipment can

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, held last year, in June 2019, acknowledged that Artificial Intelligence has the potential to enhance inclusion, participation, and independence for people with disabilities. This disruptive technology has presented learning opportunities