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Machine Learning

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Machine learning has greatly expanded what marketers can achieve through email marketing   People still give much importance to email despite the emergence of social media and chat apps. Email marketing is one of the main routes that companies reach out to customers constantly.

Applications of Machine Learning in Autonomous vehicles Autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars have begun to occupy the same roads the general public drives on. It can make many people nervous about a vehicle's ability to make safe decisions. Understanding one of

AI is helping the Fintech Sector to offer Enhanced Financial Services In the modern world, fintech essentially means financial technology that offers improved financial services and solutions. It prompts the use of digital technology that is focused on startups and new

Currently, around 40% of the sales and marketing teams rely on AI and machine learning techniques for their operations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all about opening new doors to people every day. Apart from dominating popular culture for years, AI has

  How ironic is it that the species considered as the most intelligent in the entire universe is on the verge of destroying its only home? Last month several teenagers, among other people took to the streets to protest about the

Understanding how Robots learn by themselves to become cognitively capable We know that robots today can accomplish a multitude of tasks like assembling parts, picking farm produce, doing a quick scan of surroundings, and greeting people at malls. But can they

What are the capabilities of Reinforcement Learning? Reinforcement learning (RL) is a subset of machine learning (ML). It allows an agent to learn through the repercussions of actions in a specific ecosystem. It can be used to train a robot with