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In 2020, owing to the massive demand, the company achieved its one year target in just 6 months The company plans on expanding in North and East parts of India as well New warehouses added in Pune &

Flawed diamonds here lead to quantum networks Lead based vacancy in diamonds that structures after high-tension and high-temperature treatment are great for quantum networks. The adjusted crystal framework could likewise discover applications in spintronics and quantum sensors. The tone in a diamond

Understanding the importance of investing in data can drive business growth in 2022 The data-driven culture in the 21st century has instigated multiple businesses to invest in large sets of real-time data to drive business growth efficiently and effectively. The age

Here are the top cloud platform applications that you should know about in 2021. Whether it’s infrastructure, software, applications, services, products, or even an operating system, everything is making its way to the Cloud platform. As a result, billions of dollars

AI in beer making There are numerous ways artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can make our reality more useful and effective. There are even breweries that are utilizing AI to improve beer production. Is this splendid or extraordinary or unbelievable?

Global Tech Outlook features top E-Commerce bots to meet customer satisfaction in 2021 E-Commerce is thriving in the retail industry owing to the emergence of digital transformation and the creations of smart devices. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has proven

Deepmind has come up with some AI innovation in traffic prediction By partnering with Google, DeepMind is able to bring the benefits of AI to billions of people all over the world. Graph neural networks From reuniting a speech-impaired user with