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Have Google I/O 2022 products started alerting Apple executives with their robustness? There was a time Google and Apple were on friendly terms with each other, if not for anything else but for targeting the common competitors in mutual interest in the tech

Flying cars will naturally give rise to a changing layout in the way our cities are structured! In recent years, the surface transportation infrastructure is suffering from overuse, extreme traffic congestion, and roadway disrepair. Currently, transportation research focuses on developing innovative

Stablecoins like TerraUSD are facing a sharp decline, encouraging investors toward a panic sell-off. Over the past few days, the TerraUSD (UST) stablecoin, which is meant to maintain a dollar peg, uncoupled dramatically from the US$1 mark and dropped to a

Mobile applications have been adapting themselves to the latest trends for so long, whether it could be enhancing the user experience through artificial intelligence, digital wallet integration, or cryptocurrency integration. Cryptocurrency has been in the trend for a few years

Examinations are one of the most effective ways of academic assessments. However, examinations are also a source of anxiety for students. Not just examinations, with the fast-paced syllabus, students are constantly in a rat race. In a recent study among

Companies across the world rely on a complete suite of business activities and processes that go into creating a product or providing a service. Commonly referred to as value chains, these multiple stages in a product or service offering increasingly

The modern business environment is evolving rapidly and organizations are increasingly adopting new approaches to keep in pace with changing customer expectations. The digital realm is bursting with new trends emerging every year and businesses bracing themselves to tap opportunities