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A Brief Insight to the World of Sneakers and other Footwear run by AI   Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ruled almost every industrial niche with its alluring capabilities. Be it retail or logistics or healthcare; nowadays, every field is exploiting AI for

How can IIoT and Edge Help to Fight the Effects of Climate Change on the Supply Chain Industry?   The adoption of edge computing and data analytics have propelled the IoT enabled growth in industries. While the industrial internet of things (IIoT)

After Taking The World By Storm, Now, Wearables Will Find Widespread Application In The Business And Industrial World   Innovation is an element that drives the influx of transformation. We are now are crossroads of modern disruptive trends that have the potential

The Telecom industry is currently witnessing growth at a snail's pace. With poor returns values, failure in collecting revenues by operators, things are quite grim for the telecom market. However, this will change when 5G enters the market scene and