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The IoT, or Internet of Things, has exploded in popularity. From wearables to retail, smart metres in our homes and connected (soon to be driverless) cars, we can’t get enough of this advanced technology. This is all very well, but the

Global Tech Outlook explains the essential features of IoT sensor data in tech-driven world It is well-known that sensor data has an immense effect on translating physical analogue data into digital data assets. The sensor data is known for capturing relevant

Risks of using internet of things The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the technology landscape as we know it. Businesses worldwide are leveraging IoT for benefits such as seamless collaboration, access to comprehensive data and the ability to make

Smart clothing will help you charge your phone! Wearables for long have been proclaimed as the eventual future of smart technology. What used to be an industry of inconvenient wristwatches and headsets isn't slowing down and becoming more focused on smart

AIoT or Artificial Internet of Things is a New Catalyst in Digital Transformation and Disruption   In today’s fast-paced digital world, disruptive technologies like IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming every aspect of a business and society more profoundly. However, these

Edge and IoT are more than just good partners as they are likely to become increasingly reliant on one another. In the midst of the Internet of Things' massive growth, edge computing aims to solve cloud computing complexities. Edge computing solves

Space-based payments will allow  potential peer-to-peer DvP satellite marketplace in the long term, says JPMorgan   Recently, investment bank JPMorgan recently tested blockchain’s decentralized network to see if two machines could transact autonomously. The bank has entered into a partnership with the