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Augmented reality gaming may be something you’ve heard of, and it was likely when people were hyped about the Pokemon Go game that had people running around cities trying to capture augmented reality Pokemon. If you played that game or are

New Delhi, 1st Jan 2022: Launched on 25th December 2021, Yuvraj Singh’s exclusive (NFT) drop is witnessing huge demand among people bidding for the collection. Launched with the leading marketplace Colexion on Polygon, the exclusive collection is the most in-demand

Here is the list of top coding toys for kids in 2021 and beyond. This article features the top coding toys for kids in 2021 and beyond. Check this article out to know more. Observing the best coding toys for kids can

Apart from restricting Cryptocurrency Mining Efficiency to 50%, NVIDIA also plans to launch its Cryptocurrency Mining Processor cards   Cryptocurrency may not be as popular as it used to be, but that doesn't mean it's dead. Amid the demands for mining GPUs,

Blockchain technology in digital gaming will create decentralised gaming systems   The gaming industry has been evolving for the last decade. People of our age remember playing Super Mario on a 16-bit gaming console and how this simplistic gaming industry has now

With a new generation of consoles at the door, the video game industry shows that it continues to work with the objective of offering its users better graphics and advanced technologies related to image and sound, but above all, to

Understanding The Role AIOps in the Gaming Industry to Provide Enhanced Experience   Artificial intelligence for IT (AIOps) is a new catch-all term for any multi-layered development initiative, including big data analytics, machine learning (ML) to automate and solve business and IT