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How efficient are Thermal Facial Recognition Scanners Facial recognition technology is now common in a growing number of places around the world from public CCTV cameras to biometric identification systems in airports already touching half of the global population on a regular

Software for identification is used to transform faces into barcodes   Machine learning has created software to assess a person's particular pattern of imagery or video to a far higher degree of precision than older technology. This allows vast numbers of people

How Reliable are Facial Recognition Systems to Protect Personal Information? Facial recognition is a recognition technique used to recognize the faces of individuals whose images saved in the data set. Despite the point that other methods of identification can be more

The strong pattern of facial recognition in wasps is observed to be a stepping stone in identifying the evolution of cognitive ability in humans. The question that compel historians and scientists, even humans, is the nature of evolution of human beings.

A New face-cloaking tool 100 percent effective against Facial Recognition Software of Amazon, Microsoft, Face++   As facial recognition technologies have developed over the span of a few years, privacy is often getting eroded with it. And since the outbreak of the

Will IBM, Amazon, Microsoft survive the litmus test?   Since the unfortunate death of George Floyd, the grotesque incident has sparked huge outrage across the globe, predominately in the USA. While it fueled controversies on racism and racial profiling, questions were also