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Disruptive Tech

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The fear of being replaced by robots in the industrial sector among people is real. But what if without robbing us of employment options, robots worked along with us? Well, that is what collaborative robots or cobots do. While the,

Dell Technologies, the leader in enterprise storage, announces Dell EMC PowerStore – a modern infrastructure platform built from the ground up with superior technology and expertise to address the challenges of the data era. “Data visibility has become the top priority

Quantum computing, a promising field that adopts quantum physics principles, is now exploring the area of finding a possible cure against the COVID-19. Given the data about existing pharmaceuticals compounds and research on the new potential compounds, finding the right

In April, Amazon had published two papers describing two different systems. While one enabled better and novel approach to automatic speech recognition, other is about improving dialog state tracking using machine reading comprehension for state-of-the-art performance in contrast with existing

The new decade 2020 has begun with many promises to keep. These promises transcend to technology trends influenced by smart ideas which began in the historical year, 2019 to be precise. Here are the 10 smart ideas that will influence the