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Disruptive Tech

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Enterprises that do not want to rely on a single cloud provider can choose to use multi-provider services to get the best advantages from each specific service.  There has been a lot of excitement going on around companies that use public,

AI-based technologies in jointure with data will make top data analytics trends.   Companies are blind and deaf without data analytics. Today, data analytics help organizations understand their market better to stay ahead of competitors. Data analytics infrastructure will likely grow five

Computer vision has a positive impact on the healthcare industry. It assists in timely diagnoses and efficient treatment of patients.   COVID-19 pandemic saw a spike in digitization and the use of AI in the field of healthcare. Technology aided and accelerated

Understanding how Artificial Intelligence helps Netflix to Offer Personalized Experience for Every User   One weekend, you decided to binge-watch, ‘Strangers Things’ on Netflix. The next time you logged in to your Netflix account, you may notice recommendations based on the genre

Executives are having a hard time adopting the tech trends of 2021 and abiding by digital transformation 2020 has been quite a year of twists and turns. Digital transformation was at the center of all the changes that the year has brought.

Amazon recently Opened up Tech behind Alexa to Help Companies Built Their own Versions   Since Amazon launched Alexa in late 2014, smart speakers and voice assistants have gained immense popularity among the people. From using voice recognition and NLP to play

How Disruptive Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation and Big Data and Analytics driving Innovative change? Thriving and sustaining in today’s digital age requires a startup to focus on the business values of both customers’ and employees’ along with their