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Deep Learning

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DeepFakes: What are those? Why are they considered Dangerous? Deepfakes, or face-swap videos, are video or images that use machine learning to create and manipulate visuals of people or events. The most famous example is the celebrity deepfake videos which are

This new deep neural network tool - AtacWorks - can speed up Genome Analysis   Last year, NVIDIA came up with a deep convolutional neural network toolkit for epigenomics called AtacWorks. Today, NVIDIA and Harvard University Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology

While there are many limitations to the processing capabilities of traditional AI Chips, Photonic Chip Based Processors offer answers to most of them.   While artificial intelligence has been full of surprises and wonders thanks to its immense range of capabilities, we

Computer Vision in Image Classification resolves certain challenges   In recent years, progress in computer vision has been astounding. Some computer vision frameworks accomplish 99% precision, and some run sufficiently on mobile phones. The present image classification models can distinguish assorted catalogues

Artificial Intelligence is advancing at a rapid pace using recurrent neural networks Artificial intelligence frameworks that are fit for learning, defining objectives, tackling issues, finding new solutions and unexpected behavior situations without outer help exist in an assortment of odd models,

Everything You Need to Know about OpenAI's GPT-3 in Less than 5 Minutes! Last year, the internet was abuzz about headlines when OpenAI released its Generative Pretrained Transformer-3 (GPT-3). According to OpenAI’s blog post, unlike most AI systems that are designed for one

Since people tend to use neural networks everywhere nowadays, do you believe that they are always the best option? Right now, deep learning is undoubtedly one of the hottest tech subjects. This sophisticated technology is leveraged by big companies and young