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Deep Learning

  /  Deep Learning

Since people tend to use neural networks everywhere nowadays, do you believe that they are always the best option? Right now, deep learning is undoubtedly one of the hottest tech subjects. This sophisticated technology is leveraged by big companies and young

Artificial Intelligence can help trace Sperm Whales, which are generally hard to find. Whaling, which has been labeled as one of the main reasons for the declining population of species like sperms whales, blue whales, has been banned in many countries

Researchers have developed a new AI-Model to Classify Video Games Based on Their Covers   Video games have been a popular and most engaging form of entertainment for decades. Their importance in our lives peaked amid the COVID-19 lockdown. But have you

Tech Giant IBM plans to speed up Chemical Research through RoboRXN   Technology giant IBM recently launched a chemistry laboratory called RoboRXN, in the cloud. This system leverages deep learning algorithms, IBM's cloud, and robotic labs to automate the entire process and assist

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected and disrupted the normal functioning of our lives, government, institutes and organizations, and industries. One of the unfortunate victims was the call center sector. The whole industry changed overnight. Virtual call centers saw massive growth