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Sanjai Gangadharan, Area Vice President – South ASEAN at A10 Networks, Inc. and Babur Khan, Technical Marketing Engineer at A10 Networks Like moths to a flame, hackers always go where the action is. As the COVID-19 pandemic drove work away from

The story of Lapsus$: the new name in ransomware threats feared by major tech companies. Cybersecurity researchers and major law enforcement organizations are investigating a string of hacks against technology companies, including Microsoft Corp, and Nvidia Corp, which have traced the

These top 10 online free cybersecurity courses are perfect for working professionals trying to advance their careers  Cybercrime is of increasing interest to individuals and businesses as a whole, and the demand for cybersecurity professionals is higher than ever. With the

These all-time notorious hackers rule the world of cybercriminals on the dark web still now! The advancements around the internet and technologies have created a plethora of opportunities for cybercriminals to level up their games. The presence of digital wallets, computer

In the internet age today, when most of the operations are online and hackers can commit data theft or harm businesses remotely, protecting resources from hackers has become more difficult than ever. With hackers and cybercriminals becoming more advanced, along

Cybersecurity means protecting the business's critical and sensitive data from the outside vile invaders. This business data includes all the information regarding the organization, customers, consumers, target market, competitors list, future plans, sensitive documents, and stakeholders. Cybercrime is currently one

The internet has made the world compact in several ways, but it opened us up to a variety of advanced technologies that has made our lives much easier than it was ever imagined before. This growing dependence on technology has