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What are the new tech position demands in the current employment market? The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has brought to the fore several new challenges. And with that came along strict lockdowns, businesses halting their operations, a shrinking economy, especially the gig

What does the current roles and responsibilities of the CIO look like? The CIO (Chief Information Officer), emerged as an employment title in the 1980s: This exceptionally technical individual would manage the information technology department's resources and team. In any case,

Demand for robots that can perform human tasks grown across the globe. As per Robotics for Infectious Diseases, an association of researchers, in early July, robots of numerous kinds were directly included battling the pandemic in at least 33 countries.

Why is the Gaming Industry New Favorite Amongst Cybercriminals?   Cybersecurity has evolved into a game of wits where hackers and defenders continue to outwit each other. But of late, hackers have found themselves gravitating to areas where exploited loopholes in cybersecurity can

Tech Giant IBM plans to speed up Chemical Research through RoboRXN   Technology giant IBM recently launched a chemistry laboratory called RoboRXN, in the cloud. This system leverages deep learning algorithms, IBM's cloud, and robotic labs to automate the entire process and assist

What are new skills that you need to 'Check' in your resume?   The current climate of COVID-19 brought us numerous changes in our lifestyle. These changes include maintaining social distancing, putting up a mask every time we step out, working from

Technologies like E-commerce, 5G network, Cloud computing are observed to be a massive transforming force post-COVID 19. With the ongoing pandemic ravaging economies day by day, it has become clear that an alternative solution must be explored for sustaining economies. With