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The broadband network in the UK is plummeting due to COVID 19 and the late rolling out of Full-Fibre Network. The ongoing pandemic has rendered many organizations to work remotely. As the global economy is at the brink of collapse different

For tackling Cyber-Security breaches, the Organizations must employ strategies that amplify the resonance of the existing Cyber-Security system. With the outbreak of COVID 19, to practice social distancing and curb the spread of the coronavirus, most of the organizations have shifted

With the ongoing COVID 19 crisis, strategies and core capabilities provide an insight through which businesses can be flourished in the highly competitive world of digital ecosystems.   Testing Times and Unprecedented situation due to COVID 19 has sent tremors across

Nothing is the same as it used to be seven months before. Starting from the way humans think, the way we work and live, everything has seen an unprecedented evolution in this short period of time. The only reason behind

How Has COVID-19 Affected The Nations And The Global GDP?   The world continues to be brimming under the ghastly effects of COVID-19. As per the World Health Organization (WHO) status at 6:03 pm CEST, 30 July 2020, there have been 16,812,763

Understanding How Open Data Plays A Critical  Role To Defeat COVID-19   In the world currently grappled in the throes of COVID-19, data has come a long way in battling against the pandemic. While data sounds arbitrary, it is the backbone of

COVID-19 made us 'Work From Home'. But having Connected Workspace can help Us in This Crisis. While COVID-19 caused major disruptions in the normal functioning of employees’ lives, it also opened up doors for new innovative ways of work culture. Earlier,