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When governments across the borders started issuing lockdown orders to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, and enforce social distancing mandates, there were dozens of memes requesting people to stay at home and win over COVID-19 just by watching

We are well familiar with the experiences, services, and tools that Google has been providing us over decades. From search engine, email, and storage service to maps view of a street to video streaming, Google has bestowed us all. Now

The supply chains of the future are moving ahead to a transparent and tamperproof system ensuring resource efficiency across geographies. In this context, the focus is to reduce the three nexus components revolving round water, energy water, and the more

The SaaS (software-as-a-service) companies tend to give the impression of being simple to run. Yet, in reality, theyare dependent on the nature of application, business needs, and goals. During these unanticipated times, they were hit with loads of surprises and

  As companies are caught up in a close race to keep up with the rapidly evolving modern technology, so is the need to process the increasing data and, therefore, cloud adoption. DevOps may help to embrace this approach. Known for