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Here is the list of the top 10 chatbots you must know and use in 2021 In this world driven by technology and software, chatbot is aword which many of us often hear and use. So here we present to you

Global Tech Outlook features the top restaurants leveraging chatbots in 2021 for efficient service Chatbots are the new virtual assistants for enhancing customer experience in multiple industries like healthcare, retail, financial services, and many more. Now, restaurants have started leveraging chatbots

Advancements in healthcare are dedicated to assisting innovators and the wider population in combating the global COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic is now wreaking havoc on communities and economies across the world, claiming lives and causing disruption and transition. During the

'Okay, Google!' But is it really Okay when it comes to security and privacy of data?   Virtual assistants are everywhere these days, regardless of whether they're implanted in smartphones or utilized in the home, by both kids and adults. As innovation

A study has unravelled that around or 71 million people use AI-based assistants in their daily routine. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the tech world by storm with its extended features. This exciting technology has an enormous range of applications that revolutionize

Singapore is using AI to accelerate its Tourism Industry Singapore is gradually reopening its borders after months of travel restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak. As Singapore's tourism industry contributes about 4% to its economy, it hopes that artificial intelligence can

Why chatbots form an integral part of Work from Home culture?   As the world grapples in the ongoing fight against COVID-19, the industrial organizations are also struggling to engage with their distant workforce. As companies shifted their labor force to work