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These companies are the future of Indian food tech. Among the quickest developing industries in India is the Foodtech business. In the entirety of its perspectives, the Indian food tech area intends to expand its effectiveness and supportability by utilizing innovation

These business analytics tools are all you need to optimize your businesses in 2022. From SLM (Service Life-Cycle Management) to SCM (Supply Chain Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the volume of data that these cloud

SINGAPORE, November 30, 2021 โ€“ Intel Corporation today announced the appointment of Steven A. Long as General Manager of the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region. Steve Long is Corporate Vice President in Intelโ€™s Sales, Marketing, and Communications Group. Long

โ€˜Look before you leap,โ€™ a proverb that was well-said ages before, anticipating the future to come. Knowing about the market trends and their matrix, before investing in a project or starting a new product can help companies in avoiding losses

The current era is shifting, tilting more and more, every day towards rapidly changing technology and digitalization. If you want to win over customers or keep your market share, it's no longer enough to offer a terrific product or service. Embracing

Instances of applications of Business Intelligence in Companies Business intelligence, deals with the analysis of data and delivering actionable information, that helps executives, managers, and workers make informed business decisions. As part of the BI process, organizations collect data from internal

Companies that focus on creating a culture of equality at work help employees prosper, generate stronger customer relationships, and inspire positive social change in the world around them.   Organizations have the chance to enrich their workers' work experience by promoting real