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For any business, accounting is one of the most integral areas of operations. From managing daily invoices, tracking sales activities to generating audit reports, it helps businesses to be efficient and faster. While managing all these activities through the traditional approach is time-consuming,

For many of us, home has become the new office and for a few, traveling to the office has begun and we all have adjusted well to the new normal where the hybrid working model has taken center stage. There

  Over the years, business trends and methods have changed largely. With cultural shifts, evolving customer expectations, and business rules more and more businesses are transforming continuously. In this B2B world, with too many different business models and SaaS offerings, it

Automation simplifies the process of workflow so that critical projects or activities can be focused. If businesses don't recognize the difference between essential and mundane activities, total productivity will not be accomplished. Smart work, rather than hours spent doing redundant work that

The crypto market is open without a break, which is why bots are more popular than ever before.   Bots allowed by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) applications are spreading through various industries. A variety of businesses have begun using chatbots to drive productivity

Unfortunately, the recent cyberattacks on security vendors have broken people’s belief   An average data security breach takes less than a minute to pull off all the information from an entity. But it takes months for a company to realize that they have

Around 80% of the structured and unstructured business data collected across the globe is in text format. The value of data keeps increasing as days pass, and technologies intensify. Across industries, people are finally learning the value of raw content they have in