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How to Transform Developing Countries through Remote Offices? Many organizations ordered their employees to stay at home when the government imposed the lockdown. Since then, employees have been doing their work remotely from the comfort or increasingly back-aching discomfort. It is

Harnessing the full worth of data using embedded analytics   Organizations of each category are producing more data because of ordinary tasks than ever before. You most likely realize that data is important, yet do you know its full worth? Gartner gauges

Chemical Industry’s contribution to reviving Indian Economy. The 6th largest in the world and 3rd largest in Asia, the Indian chemical industry is one of the oldest industries. The chemical industry has served as India's backbone of industrial and agricultural development

What are new skills that you need to 'Check' in your resume?   The current climate of COVID-19 brought us numerous changes in our lifestyle. These changes include maintaining social distancing, putting up a mask every time we step out, working from

In this increasingly digital age, companies are optimizing by digitizing their processes. A McKinsey study reveals that industries are on average 37% digitized. Yet only 2% of businesses have invested in digital transformation in the supply chain. The same study

 For the business to generate maximum revenue and increase performance during the pandemic, applying the tenants of augmented analytics and artificial intelligence becomes imperative.    The global pandemic outbreak is observed as a sweeping force that has potentially ravaged all institutes and

Understanding How Digital Strategy Can Enable Digital Transformation in Business World Well, it is not the first time you are reading about 'digital transformation.' But what does the buzzword mean, how relevant is this concept in today's times? Digital transformation is the