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Global Tech Outlook has selected 7 education companies of 2021 that are using blockchain in their system. Blockchain is mainly referred to with its use in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. But there are several other ways that blockchain can be used. The

Blockchain is the most improved and secure set of databases that stores data in a chain format and it is famous for its use in Bitcoin. However, blockchain can also be used for education and the following are the ways.   Record

Top blockchain engineer jobs that professionals can apply for this month. Who doesn't want a better job? With blockchain gradually taking over the industry, there's a lot of opportunity for the right kind of people to power it. Blockchain is a

Shedding light on blockchain interoperability An ever-increasing number of people are thinking about blockchains as secure and promising. A large number of projects depending on various blockchains have grown over the most recent years. Indeed, there have been a few concerns,

Gaming on blockchain will give the best immersive games. Since the advent of mobile, gaming has achieved new heights. Player numbers throughout the planet have taken off lately, accelerated by the convenience and flexibility of online choices. Contrasted with the pre-mobile

Advancements in healthcare are dedicated to assisting innovators and the wider population in combating the global COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic is now wreaking havoc on communities and economies across the world, claiming lives and causing disruption and transition. During the

Zebi, a full-stack core-blockchain company, has leveraged its blockchain portfolio with NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) capabilities and announced the launch of a native blockchain ecosystem for the world of Cricket. NFTs are unique blockchain based tokens which can be utilised to