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Big Data

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New developments in big data-enabled price discrimination in China. Big data-enabled price discrimination is currently in the regulatory crosshairs, with draft punishment rules revealed by China's top market regulator on 2nd July, proposing fines of up to 0.5% of the guilty

When it comes to handling your website testing, one of the most important things is teaching big data knowledge. It is a skill that helps you check the website and understand whether it is working in the right condition or

Data science is a quickly developing field. According to an article by Forbes, IBM predicts the demand for data researchers will grow by over 25 percent by 2020. Growing data researchers need to get their resumes and CVs out there

A data-driven approach will aid in the identification and estimation of critical populations, ensuring that the vaccine program benefits the greatest number of people. When it comes to fighting Covid-19, vaccines are crucial, and their successful use is even more essential. Huge

While Python and Java are a must in Data Science, there are other programming languages that one can master   Computer programming languages allow programmers to communicate with a computer in a language the computer understands. Today, pursuing programming languages has become

A data lake is a central hub for storing original, unprocessed enterprise data. With the emergence of big data analytics, a modern information storage paradigm called Data Lake is being implemented by several companies to overcome data management hurdles. For varied use

AI-based technologies in jointure with data will make top data analytics trends.   Companies are blind and deaf without data analytics. Today, data analytics help organizations understand their market better to stay ahead of competitors. Data analytics infrastructure will likely grow five