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Big Data

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Big data is acknowledging common problems in smart cities and addressing them with other emerging technologies. Smart city is a buzzword heard both in the technology and government sectors. Upgrading the normal city to an unprecedented development level has been a

Is Data Analytics a secret weapon to combat the social problem of Human Trafficking?   Human trafficking is one of the most harrowing crimes in the world today. According to a 2017 study by the International Labor Organization, this problem victimizes an estimated

How Big Data is Stimulating Profits of the Online Casino Industry This is the era where data science becomes crucial for any industry to boom. Specifically, big data provides marketers unmatched data regarding their customers. The possibility of easily recording, tracking,

What Is Data Visualization? Here’s How It Can Help You   The word “Big Data” has been thrown around often nowadays. For those in the know, this technology can allow a company to aggregate all sorts of information about client/customer activity, and

Around 80% of the structured and unstructured business data collected across the globe is in text format. The value of data keeps increasing as days pass, and technologies intensify. Across industries, people are finally learning the value of raw content they have in

Predictive analytics detects the vulnerable areas of the system and ensures cybersecurity across the system.   An unsolicited incident of data breach exposed the personal data of 2.8 lakh students in India recently after the AWS server of a renowned educational institute

Evidential distribution allows the neural networks to crunch the data and display confidence in the data's quality. With the invasion of artificial intelligence across the industry, deep learning neural networks are extensively applied by organizations to make informed decisions. First proposed