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New inventions from the social networking genius are coming soon in the form of AR glasses. generic lipitor online over the counter   It seems like the Facebook CEO (Now the king of Meta) is nowhere near done with his

Let’s walk with the Woolly Mammoth and other ice age animals in the metaverse with AR. The creatures would be the most scientifically accurate depiction of virtual avatars. Scientists are in the works to revive the Woolly Mammoth in the metaverse.

EyeSyn: Virtual Eye that Stimulates Virtual and Augmented Reality Duke University’s computer engineers have developed virtual eyes that simulate how humans look at the world accurately enough for companies to train virtual reality and augmented reality applications, it’s known as EyeSyn.

Learn about the role metaverse with the mixed reality that it is about to play in the digital workplace in 2022 The metaverse promises to create an immersive, interactive, and shared digital world that brings together mixed reality – augmented reality

Augmented reality now helps treat and improve ASD AR is an innovation where digital data (pictures, sound, text) is superimposed on this present reality, either with cell phones or headsets and glasses. Augmented Reality is arising as a promising innovation to

Now augmented reality has come for ears Can augmented reality be applied to audio? The answer is finally here. The famous entrepreneur Jonathan Wegener came up with a culmination of events that led him to build a new app that requires

Cutting-edge Technology provides companies to use the breakthrough of QR codes for AR apathy Augmented Reality is becoming the hottest term in the Industry 4.0 due to its immersive experience through 3D virtual objects. People are more accustomed to QR codes