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Artificial Intelligence

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The Chinese government is prosecuting citizens with the help of AI, even before the crime is committed Any good thing on earth can be used and misused. It seems that AI is no exception in this regard. Things become more complicated

AI with automation and voice technology can enhance the standard of living of chicks Artificial intelligence (AI) has started focusing on animal welfare including poultry farms in recent times. Farmers can leverage AI for its voice technology with a deep learning

Wish to dine in the skies? This AI-driven flying hotel promises an unforgettable experience that never settles! Social media is buzzing with a video of a hotel that is in the air. Hashem Al-Ghaili is the designer of the hotel, Sky

Instagram is using AI to unravel the users’ ages and here’s why it is an extremely creepy technology Instagram is testing new ways to verify its youngest users' ages, by including artificial intelligence that analyzes a photo and estimates how old

This AI supercomputer from China is creating a storm in other nations with other AI models China is making huge progress in the artificial intelligence domain. What happens when their paths converge in the form of AI models? If it sounds

With just a single technology, i.e., AI, tech enthusiasts can create brand new terrifying monsters Crungus hails straight from the depths of AI hell. Up until a few days ago, no one was aware that this beast even existed. Guy Kelly,

This new AI tool will utilize your thoughts and imaginations to make your picture a creative masterpiece! We won't require the ‘help’ feature for much longer in editing applications. Computer and digital devices can now automatically intervene if it detects a