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Artificial Intelligence

  /  Artificial Intelligence

Modern tech leaders implementing their modern beliefs for the new era in the industries! The rapid advancement of technology, especially in Industrial Revolution 4.0 is influencing every aspect of our lives including leadership and education settings across the world. Advanced technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is thriving in the global tech-driven market in the 21st century, especially after the outspread of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has created a drastic effect on organizations that lead to incurring a massive loss in 2019-2020.

AI has got benefits but these companies refuse to accept its flaws. Financial backers are emptying cash into AI, notwithstanding clear difficulties in self-driving vehicles, social media and healthcare. What do Facebook Inc. Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk

Global Tech Outlook features some of the top sustainable AI predictions for 2022 Artificial intelligence holds the potential to boost productivity and growth in an organization or industry across the world for a long time. AI models can predict pollutions, energy

Chatbots are usually the first point of contact for individuals seeking any service through a website or app. Often these chatbots act as a personal assistant to the visitor and help them resolve their queries and point them to the

Global Tech Outlook explores four non-AI technologies that are essential for AI development The emergence of artificial intelligence has completely transformed the workflow of several companies and factories. Society is reaping the benefits of smart functionalities of artificial intelligence through multiple

AI-powered space station is on the way. Presently, AI is being used in almost every industry on earth and now it's time for it to go to space. Russia's new space station will operate autonomously to a large extent, using artificial