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Artificial Intelligence

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Trump administration has pushed an AI agenda for the military, including through the creation of JAIC The whole concept of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to handle military-related works in the United States is not highly accepted by people. The US army typically

Cognitive Automation can transform the Enterprise Industry with Structured Data Cognitive automation is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that uses advanced technologies like natural language processing (NLP), emotion recognition, data mining, and cognitive reasoning to emulate human intelligence. This highly advanced

The GPT-3 model is trained over 175 parameters, thus making it the largest language model ever created. When OpenAI’s GPT-3 greeted the world in the year 2017, humans became fascinated by it. Over the years it has become the most discussed

Implementing AI Solutions to generate revenue from Retail Businesses The digital transformation of the retail industry has been ongoing for years. It has increased speed, efficiency, and accuracy across every retail business branch with the help of advanced data and predictive

Will AI-powered Armour Vehicles Replace Human Militants? Although analysts have alerted that disruptive technologies ought not to be considered the magic ingredient in military preparedness, it remains undeniable that their acquisition could potentially provide the continents with a relative competitive advantage

Apple unveils new Mac chip M1, replacing its Intel-powered Mac systems   The M1 features 8 CPU cores -- 4 high-performance cores and 4 low-power cores -- and up to 8 GPU cores, along with a 16-core AI co-processor, an image processor,

Applications of Machine Learning in Autonomous vehicles Autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars have begun to occupy the same roads the general public drives on. It can make many people nervous about a vehicle's ability to make safe decisions. Understanding one of