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Artificial Intelligence

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Is it possible to detect the factors that can trigger heart diseases in the future?   Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that primarily focuses on analyzing data to interpret patterns. And the healthcare industry is one of the sectors

In Q1, human moderators eliminated only 5 million videos which is less than that by AI   The pandemic has brought more automation into almost all sectors. Employees started working from home and patched the gap that company revues made. However, Google-owned

AI with Biomedical Engineering will help in water repulsion and protein adsorption of organic materials Over the years, biomedical engineering has been observed as amongst the imperative demonstrations in the medical sciences. With a wide range of research devoted to biomedical

AI tools in art provide an opportunity for artists to experiment and innovate with new ideas.   The application of Artificial intelligence is felt in every field, thus rendering humans for a potential loss of a job. As AI can automate tasks

A New face-cloaking tool 100 percent effective against Facial Recognition Software of Amazon, Microsoft, Face++   As facial recognition technologies have developed over the span of a few years, privacy is often getting eroded with it. And since the outbreak of the

The choice of memory plays a vital role in every successful AI application   Memory in technology is different from human memory. There is no forgetting or missing a part when it comes to memory in the tech sector as it remains

Voice User Interfaces: What? Why? How?   User Interfaces allow us to interact with the machines and the virtual world. These include our computer or smartphone screens to wearables to keyboards. But of late, man has been switching from mere typing to