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Artificial Intelligence

  /  Artificial Intelligence

Modern business landscape is shifting the future of business to AI-based Business Intelligence analytics There is a vast flow of real-time data due to digital transformation across the world. The modern business landscape is very competitive and continuously shifting the future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most common investments in businesses worldwide. The application of AI at any stage has proven to be extremely beneficial. It automated a large number of tasks, reducing human effort, and has led everyone

The world has witnessed an incredible change in digital adoption by the Healthcare sector. Even though digitalization in the Healthcare sector has been a continuing process since a very long time, Covid-19 has completely changed the speed of this adoption.

Amidst the pandemic, enterprises have experienced a surge in AI adoption in 2021 for efficient workflow. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has enhanced the scope of digital transformation around the world.  Digital transformation created an explosion of real-time data due

Not sure whether artificial intelligence is matured enough to reach human emotions Artificial intelligence can gauge your emotional reaction to advertising and your facial expressions in a job interview meeting. Yet, if it would already be able to do this, what

MemeChat, India’s top meme-creating platform, launches AMY, the world’s first-ever Artificial Intelligence meme generator that can make memes in a matter of seconds, on its app. Short for Automated Memes for You, is also the world's fastest meme generator. Within

2020 has left an impact that would last a lifetime for all of us. The year wasn’t promising on a variety of aspects, be it people losing their lives, getting sick, losing their jobs, people getting soaked in debt and