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Artificial Intelligence

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Global Tech Outlook provides the most browsed questions on Artificial Intelligence “Artificial Intelligence” There is almost no industry or organisation that has not thought about implementing Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms in this tech-driven world. Artificial Intelligence models provide a

We get Wooed by the term Artificial Intelligence, but its Machine Learning that reinforces development. Here’s How. Everyone in the digital era go crazy about the term "artificial intelligence," evoking ideas of creative machines anticipating our every whim, though the reality

The issue of AI bias can be solved if proper procedures are set in place. AI algorithms may rely upon one or a few data sources containing human decisions or on data that reflects second-order effects of cultural or historical inequities.

Global Tech Outlook has listed some of the mind blowing AI technologies only found in China Being the most populated country in the world, China is determined to be at the top as the first global superpower for Artificial Intelligence. This

Can AI replace teachers in the education sector in the nearby future? Artificial Intelligence, has started revolutionising multiple sectors across the world with smart technologies. The other sectors have realised that they need machine learning algorithms to boost productivity and enhance

Artificial intelligence can be achieved with only five lines of code. Most of the systems of artificial intelligence, are generally very complicated and lengthy and require a lot of energy and space. But, Johannes Overvelde and his team at AMOLF, a

Points to Remember while Optimising Data Pipelines for Deploying Automotive AI Faster. Automotive companies, are utilising Artificial Intelligence for different purposes to drive revenue as well as customer engagement. It is a well-known fact that digitalisation and cutting-edge technology have created