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5G plays a vital role in ensuring public security. 5G is a fifth-generation wireless technology that brings three new things to the table: wider channels (speed), lower latency (responsiveness), and more bandwidth (the ability to connect a lot more devices at

Global Tech Outlook is dismissing all kinds of 5G myths for your better understanding 5G wireless network is the upcoming latest fifth-generation iteration of mobile technology focused on the highest speed with low latency. It is said to transmit data at

Global Tech Outlook presents a list of the Top 5G Stocks to Look out for in 2021. The entire mobile networking future, is now on wheels with the entry of 5G technology. From 1G, thatย arrived in the 1980s alongside the very

Global Tech Outlook has listed the top companies who are at the front line of 5G research and services. Services Ericsson Ericsson is one of the biggest 5G service providers. Their radio system enables migration from existing 4G LTE networks to 5G

Today, the whole gaming industry is on the verge of a significant shift as the arrival of 5G technology will completely unleash mobile gaming's abilities. For many, online gaming have been a lifesaver, particularly during quarantine, helping to keep us amused

Network virtualization integrates network resources and network features for hardware and software into a unified, administrative body based on software. Around the world, it is important to reconsider conventional mobile network systems to meet today's customer requirements of super-high performance and

Presently, the blockchain and 5G technology are the most highly debated and hyped on the marketplace.   Blockchains are a collection of blocks connected through cryptography, or rather 'chain'. Each block has transaction data encrypted and therefore can not be changed. This