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Cardano, Bitcoin, and the Global Brands are Building an Unwanted Love Triangle

  /  Latest News   /  Cardano, Bitcoin, and the Global Brands are Building an Unwanted Love Triangle
Cardano, Bitcoin, and the Global Brands are Building an Unwanted Love Triangle

Cardano, Bitcoin, and the Global Brands are Building an Unwanted Love Triangle

Cardano and Bitcoin are in a tough war to take over the dominance of global brands!

Bitcoin has always dominated several aspects of global industries. The first cryptocurrency is also the largest by market cap, but altcoins such as Cardano are still gaining traction. For many people, BTC is the only crypto asset they are familiar with. Its adoption is more widespread than that of other digital assets. Furthermore, many virtual currency payments would heavily favor the use of Bitcoin. The presence of altcoins in the crypto space, on the other hand, increases competition for the flagship cryptocurrency. A recent report on customers’ intimate attachment to brands ranked other digital assets higher than Bitcoin. Cardano was ranked 26th out of 600 global brands in the report. Cardano’s position places it ahead of other crypto projects in terms of global brand intimacy. The global brand intimacy analysis considers the emotional connections that brands have with their customers and the general public. The analysis was carried out by the MBLM agency using artificial intelligence and massive data.

The agency discovered various users’ relationships and emotions with leading global brands through the proper application of specific measures. The study covered 19 industries and included some well-known brands such as Apple, Google, Tesla, eBay, Disney, and others. When comparing the report to last year’s, the surveyors noted that Cardano is only a new project in the study. However, it proved to be the best cryptocurrency and the best-performing financial services brand. According to the report, the crypto industry ranked among the top ten in terms of performance, with Cardano taking the lead. Bitcoin, for its part, was ranked 30th among brands. Other crypto assets, such as Uniswap, took the #261 position and Solana took the #265 position.


Reactions To Cardano’s Performance

Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson evaluated the project in response to the protocol’s new achievement. He stated that Cardano was founded on a simple belief in equality and fairness for all. As a result, the network bears these virtues in mind by supporting decentralization and merit. Furthermore, the co-founder stated that Cardano’s functionalities are not dependent on a specific founder, culture, or nation. As a result, its ecosystem includes contributions from over 100 countries, all of which contribute to the network’s growth. Cardano’s incredible feat matches its moves for an upgrade. The blockchain company is finalizing its plans for the upcoming Vasil hard fork. The upgrade is intended to reduce transaction sizes, lower costs, and improve overall network performance.

On Twitter, there have been several reactions to Cardano’s ranking, which outranks major brands such as eBay and Google. Cardano was praised by a user for not being the subject of internet memes. Instead, the network is positioned as a powerful league for the gathering of the big boys. According to the report on the overall high-ranking positions of the crypto industry, both Web 3 and decentralized technologies have seen increased adoption. Furthermore, according to another survey, approximately 64% of parents in the United States support the teaching of crypto-related content in schools.