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Can AI-Based Virtual Assistants Save Your Relationship?

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Can AI-Based Virtual Assistants Save Your Relationship?
Virtual Assistants

Can AI-Based Virtual Assistants Save Your Relationship?

AI-based virtual assistants are here for you to save your relationship for good!

If you keep forgetting your girlfriend’s birthday, maybe you will find yourself single next year. In that case, your virtual assistants may save your relationship this time! 

In a world where technology keeps growing, virtual assistants (also known as chatbots) are increasingly present in our lives. They help us to clarify doubts, research information, and perform various tasks according to our tastes and needs. Our standards of interaction are changing. We are in an era where everything has to be immediate and short answer and sometimes talking directly to a person can be the opposite. Conflict and discussion can lead to disagreements and the plan you had thought of goes down the drain. It is in these situations that chatbots can be our best friends and “save” some confrontational situations that may arise.

Imagine that you want to prepare dinner, you don’t want to face your spouse’s indecision, but you have no idea what to do. With a simple question to your “pet chatbot,” you can decide it in seconds. We give these virtual assistants access to our home, our routine, and our surroundings, and soon they will become authentic diaries of our lives. By being able to access our daily life and, in this case, our relationship, they will take all aspects into account when answering and this may facilitate many situations.

Today’s smart home hubs like Google Home and Amazon Echo are far more than voice-controlled jukeboxes and lighting controls.

They can answer a growing range of questions and through their developer ecosystems, you can do everything from order dinner to schedule an Uber to request fashion recommendations, all by voice. As home assistants migrate beyond the mechanical basics of MP3 players and light switches, they increasingly play a role in the daily conversation.

A discussion with a family member might involve several queries to the home assistant to answer clarifying questions that formerly would have gone unasked or involved a quick search on a smartphone. We are already a nation of smartphone zombies, even at home. The traditional image of the family dinner with everyone gathered around the table bonding and sharing stories about their days has long ago been replaced in many households with the family scattered to their rooms, each glued to their phone or tablet and plugged into their own parallel universes of information and entertainment.

According to an article in The Independent, virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Home can use their “always listening” feature to analyze the communication between couples. They’ll be able to detect red flags in the couple’s speech patterns–like sadness or anger, and even interrupt an argument to suggest a peaceful resolution. You can soon think of your virtual assistant as a live-in couple’s counselor.