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BRANG: The Easiest Way to Get Things Delivered During the Pandemic

  /  CXO Insights   /  BRANG: The Easiest Way to Get Things Delivered During the Pandemic

BRANG: The Easiest Way to Get Things Delivered During the Pandemic

80% of Australians are purchasing things online with ease. However, one consistent complaint is about getting their orders delivered, since the local delivery takes 2-3 days, is expensive, and does not offer 24/7 service. BRANG is addressing these problems by providing customers complete control of the deliveries in a cost-effective way. Through a modern-day on-demand delivery platform, BRANG helps people to order and get everything delivered in their city in less than 4 hours. Apart from providing real-time updates on their orders, the system also saves time and fuel by using advanced route optimization techniques. The company’s vision is to help its customers get whatever they need, whenever they want in an easy, affordable, and reliable manner.

Interestingly, BRANG inspires its name from Boomerang and represents speed, precision, and reliability by enabling faster, accurate, and safer deliveries. The company aims to connect the community and commerce in a unique way. Brangers are the insured, experienced, and registered delivery drivers spread across the city, assisting the delivery requirements. BRANG delivers everything from laundry, medicines, and groceries to flowers, cakes, and documents. The platform does not have any minimum order requirements and provides discounts to health workers and senior citizens. 

Filling the Gap in Market with Unique Solutions

Conceived in late 2019, BRANG later realized the genuine gap in the market for same-day delivery service. The Covid-19 scenario inspired the immediate launch of BRANG. Since many retailers failed to get business and people were restricted to their homes, the company could help both parties sustain these unprecedented times. BRANG aided hospitals and aged care facilities in the supply of essential commodities, helped consumers with their everyday needs and supported the government by providing a service that adhered to the no-contact norms.


Regular workshops and discussions led to the designing of a few algorithms, which resulted in an integrated ‘cab aggregator’ software. The company built a platform to connect customers and drivers through a smooth delivery system.

As a Performance-based Delivery Service Provider, BRANG has covered more than 10,000 deliveries across Fashion, Grocery, Chemists, Liquor, Homewares, Hardware & Office supplies in 7 months in Melbourne. The company is now spreading its services to other major cities of Australia. 

The Brain behind BRANG

Madhup Mohan Mudiraj, an Indian-Australian business executive is a dynamic CEO and the Co-founder of BRANG. The concept of on-demand same-day delivery is still at a nascent stage in Australia. Under strong leadership, BRANG is able to solve this last-mile problem. Madhup’s experience and passion for his work enabled him to focus on smaller things that indirectly or directly helped in providing an on-demand, cost-effective, and fully compliant delivery process to the customers. Along with Madhup, his two best mates & co-founders of Brang- Imran & Kabir have grown the team from 3 people to almost 15, apart from the 100s of drivers registered on the platform. He is a graduate in Information and Technology Engineering and likes to get involved in the technical side of the business.

Madhup is a Managing Partner at INK IT solutions, a leading consultancy, and provider of CX, ERP, and HCM solutions across various industries. He has a wide range of work experience in different industries. With a remarkable knowledge in CRM marketing, Madhup passionately runs BRANG to eliminate the divide in the Australian consumer market. 

Say No to Last-Mile Delivery Issues

BRANG’s primary goal is to achieve 100% DIFOT – “Delivery In Full, On Time”. The company leverages application based on AI and modern Route-Optimization techniques to resolve its Customers’ “last-mile delivery problems”. BRANG heavily subsidized the cost of delivery to support its community in times of crisis. The company contributes to the local Australian businesses by connecting them directly to shoppers & subsidizing the shipping costs for them. 

In the current crisis, BRANG provides additional revenue to drivers who have taken a major hit in the existing ride-sharing business. Brang provides a flexible and hassle-free shopping experience. Orders are delivered locally within 4 hours and same-day delivery reduces friction in the purchase decision, reduces cart abandonment rates, and enhances customer satisfaction.  

Hassle-Free and Safe Deliveries to Your Doorstep

While the world was restricted to their homes and was fighting Covid-19, BRANG and its team were busy rolling out an updated app, a website, and a delivery service platform that understands and caters to everything businesses need. 

“In the 21st Century before Corona, deliveries were all about speed, cost, and convenience. However, the times have changed in some ways now, and safe, reliable, and contactless deliveries along with the previous three attributes are the need of the hour,” says Kabir Bawa, Chief Operations Officer and the Co-Founder of the company. Same-day delivery is the next evolutionary step in parcel logistics and BRANG is committed to this.

Businesses with same-day delivery typically see a decrease in returns and an increase in customer loyalty. With BRANG stepping in, retailers in Australia have a unique opportunity to combine their existing local infrastructure with an e-commerce channel to offer same-day delivery on a broad scale. A multichannel approach would enable them to win back customers shifting to online shopping. The company’s platform can be used by both end-customers or by stores to get their deliveries sorted. The apps on IOS and Android can be downloaded by anyone. BRANG has created a merchant portal for stores to enable them to book and manage their deliveries with their private accounts. The company provides a 24/7 helpline with support staff always present to help the users.


Recognized by Customers, Businesses, and Governments Alike

BRANG received the Innovation Patent from the Australian government in 2020, because of the unique design and technology used. The company is well aware of the environmental crisis and is strategizing to become a net-zero emission company by 2022. Calla and Gardenia, Bunch after Bunch, Kep Whitley, Blooming Art Florist, 4me Gluten Free are some of BRANG’s notable clients. The company’s customers are happy and satisfied with the services and consider BRANG a go-to place for shipments. Its business partners appreciate affordable, contactless, and professional deliveries. BRANG has a considerable presence across all digital platforms with a large number of followers. The company launched its operations in Sydney on 25th March this year. The Australian Government has also granted the Australian Owned Business logo to BRANG. 



Zero Risks Means Zero Rewards

Imran Ansari, our Technology Area Head and the Co-Founder of the company believes that there cannot be rewards without risks. BRANG takes pride in its talented team and loyal customer base. The pandemic posed a great challenge since the company had to consistently modify its strategies, take utmost care while sending the drivers, and maintain strict protocols. Sometimes BRANG received wrong addresses and contact numbers from the customers, which led to wastage of time. Later, the company generated some rules to reduce this mishap. 

As it grows and expands, BRANG expects to meet more challenges. However, the company is confident to resolve most of them and adapt to changes with the help of its high performing team.


Serving Deprived in the Pandemic-Stricken World

The pandemic has turned the world topsy-turvy. However, businesses need to run, for the world to run. Everybody is contributing in their own way and BRANG’s ‘in-the-box’ business model drives that. One can place orders, buy-sell, send-receive payments, and then book deliveries for the same from the comfort of living rooms, without really digging a hole in the pockets. The company considers this as an opportunity to grow as well as serve the community in these dire circumstances.

BRANG is an all-time available logistics company with easy to use technologically advanced app. The company works closely with old age homes and care centers to help them procure medicines, groceries, or products of any other nature that they might need from the stores. BRANG intends to engage with NGOs, especially the ones catering to the disabled, to support the community. From a technological perspective, the company is collaborating with its clients to integrate their technological stack to enable them to provide a seamless order-to-delivery process.