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“BRANG” Shakes the Tech Hub with a “BANG”

Technology is the Heart of BRANG: Says Imran Ansari, Co-Founder and CTO of BRANG

With so much innovation and modernisation happening, the focus of companies,is to stay on top of the game by utilizing this for betterment of its processes and ultimately make it a key contributor for its success. At BRANG, technology plays an essential and pivotal role assisting our customers placing an order. It gives our BRANGERS,the flexibility as per their preference, to pick up jobs and complete them with ease. Technology is the heart of BRANG.

With our ever-expanding customer base there is a constant need to excel in utilizing the best of the modern technology available in the market.

BRANG technology centre follows the principle of IA(Square)-

My role is in the Company as the Chief Technology Officer is to

  1. Identify
  2. Analyse
  3. Innovate
  4. Automate

BRANG technology team’s vision is to provide the best experience not only for our customers and drivers, but also for our internal team.


How has your Experience Helped BRANG?

Innovation and Technology is something that has always excited me. With technology, we have achieved so much generally to make our life easy and exciting. Spending more than 20 years in Information technology and digital space, there has been a constant urge to innovate.  Working for some of the top products companies like Colgate Palmolive and SAP what I have gathered over the years is how to break down processes within a system and apply innovation to automate and simplify. Applying it on BRANG to make a Technology advanced Centre of Excellence to create a system which will give flexibility and scalability.

With BRANG, I can easily say that ‘Sky is the limit’, when it comes to Innovation.


How Do You Value the Customer Experience at BRANG?

Customer experience is our top most priority and the team is working round the clock,on how to better it. Detailed attention is being given on the accessibility and in app navigation to keep the of booking process short and simple. We want our customers to have a wow feeling when they are in our system.

We have created an exhaustive roadmap for next 2 years in line with our customer journey to enhance and upgrade experience.

One of the additions, which is planned in our roadmap, is adding voice to text for our busy customers to rush the ordering process in busy hours.

We, as a team, are excited and motivated about technology and hungry to adapt.


How Easy is to Integrate BRANG with Other Platforms?

BRANG provides out of box APIs for smooth standard integration with other platforms.

We have an ecosystem for our business customers to add BRANG in their E Commerce Website using APIs to provide seamless delivery experience to their customers, while also adding live tracking and on demand notifications to let them know about the delivery ETAs.

We are adding out of the box plug-In for platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify to name a few.

All businesses are tasked with, the ongoing responsibility of keeping up with evolving technology trends to stay competitive. Trends in technology extend out like the branches of a tree: each new innovation creates the possibility for multiple new innovations. BRANG, was one of these branches when we began and now, I am happy see it grow into a tree with a lot of branches and lot of possibilities for innovation.

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