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  /  Business Leaders   /  Boris Arciniegas: Supporting Business Goals through Innovative Technology Solutions

Boris Arciniegas: Supporting Business Goals through Innovative Technology Solutions

Technology is a dynamic aspect of the enterprise world today. Just when we have the latest and best piece of technology, the industry is hit by a new and smart iteration. To prevent any of these technology problems, it is important to recognize the basic IT problems in the workplace.

One such company that has revolutionized technology solutions through the concept of sustainable and environmental-friendly IT practices to reduce their operational costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity is Business IT.

In an interview with Global Tech Outlook, Boris Arciniegas, CEO and Founder of Business IT, shares his inspiration for delivering innovative tech solutions to help businesses meet their objectives.


Kindly brief us about your background and your role as a leader.

Technologies long ago entered people’s lives to improve social well-being. Of course, this has been the case from the very moment when man made and used his first primitive tools. In fact, we have always associated technology with human progress, and if something differentiates us from other animals apart from thinking, is that we are also beings that manufacture and invent. This human technological evolution caught my interest. Today, I have more than 20 years of experience in the technology market supporting the exponential growth of technology in different industries.

During my 10 years of management as the CEO of the Business IT Business Group, I have implemented a number of projects with innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions that have changed the way companies interact and have significantly improved their productivity. This makes Business IT as one of the most recognized technology partners for global manufacturers in Latin America and Central America.


How do you describe your leadership style?

As a leader, I have the objective of directing my collaborators in an innovative way by injecting the DNA of the company with passion and energy, agility, innovation, and above all, raising awareness through the Green IT philosophy, to give the world a better place to live.


What were the past experiences, achievements or lessons that shaped your journey as an impactful leader?

My entrepreneurial journey began in my childhood. Since my first year in school, I was always very observant, analytical and creative by nature. I had a great creative environment – a humble home that always sought to improve itself to generate new ways of income. The blend of nature along with a conducive environment shaped my entrepreneurial spirit from an early age.


What/who has influenced you the most?

My inspiration always came from the worldwide figures that stood out in the field of science like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Steve Jobs.

I chose this industry because I was always attracted to mathematics, physics, technology and consequently computers. Later, at the University, I participated and won some programming contests at the country level, which strengthened my path in the information technology industry.


How are you making a difference in the industry or focus area?

I admit that the world will find itself in the following years where the technology will be the future to create a plan for the organization and lead everyone on that path.

For any company to improve (change) swiftly, it’s very important to create the conditions (strategy + culture). The only sustainable competitive advantage over time is the ability to change rapidly.

We also need to generate new leaders that push the boundaries of the organization, supporting all the organization’s staff to grow personally and professionally.

In my opinion, what makes me different than the rest is my goal to change the world, and to generate a massive transformation that leads us a better place to live. The economic success of the company is secondary.


Kindly mention some of the primal challenges that you faced during the initial phase of your journey. 

Nowadays, businesses move rapidly and thus, it is important to constantly renew. That is why we are implementing strategies with a purpose of massive transformation not just by thinking about the economic success of the company but also capturing the hearts and minds of those inside and (especially) outside the organization, and in turn becoming an exponential organization.


Describe some of the vital attributes that every successful leader should possess.

To be candid, I think leaders must inspire confidence. What the leader thinks, says and does must be perfectly aligned. They must seek excellence in everything they do and invest time in becoming the subject matter experts they lead.

Also, they should understand that the business exists for the clients. One must not allow internal bureaucracy to impede the growth of the business or the organization. It is crucial to build great teams by selecting the best.

I also believe that leaders ought to be good communicators and work consistently on their communication skills. They should be able to clearly summarize and explain their ideas and vision. Additionally, they must be capable of transmitting energy and inspire others. Not to forget, leaders should highlight their love for things they do.


What are the ways leaders change lives for the better?

My advice would be to constantly innovate and take care of your internal and external resources. Generate environmental awareness through the implementation of comprehensive solutions that have a global impact to help the environment and streamline the processes of your organization.


What is your advice for emerging business leaders/executives?

I firmly believe that every crisis is an opportunity for creativity and innovation.

To quote Albert Einstein, one of the most relevant geniuses of the 20th century: “The crisis is the best blessing that can happen to people and countries, because the crisis brings progress. Creativity is born from anguish, as the day is born from the dark night. It is in crisis that inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies are born. Who overcomes the crisis, surpasses himself without being ‘overcome’.”