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  /  cryptocurrency   /  Best Buddies with an NFT? Well, This AI-Based NFT is Too Cute to Not Be!

Best Buddies with an NFT? Well, This AI-Based NFT is Too Cute to Not Be!

Having cute and cuddly AI-based NFT pets can surely uplift your mood while exploring the digital world

Do you want to get involved with one of the cute NFT projects to drive profit in crypto wallets in 2022? There are multiple NFT projects available in the virtual world with multiple claims and different sets of collections for crypto investors. Meanwhile, the collaboration between Endless AI and Gala Games has brought out an AI-based NFT known as Fuzzle. Fuzzle has started showing how unique and cute NFT projects can be in the Web 3.0 community. Let’s explore more details about the Fuzzle that can be the AI-based NFT to change the entire crypto domain.


Introduction to Fuzzle

Endless AI and Gala Games have both created this first AI-based NFT that looks like a kid’s toy but is definitely for adults to play with and earn profit in the future. Fuzzle is known for being digital therapy pets that are programmed to continue conversations with a human-centric voice. If any crypto investor is feeling upset or in trouble, Fuzzle is set to provide relatable and better advice for taking initiative on bringing up the mood efficiently. There can be opinions from this AI-based NFT that can be in favour or against the opinion of any crypto investor.  Endless AI is known as the Web 3.0 technology-driven entertainment firm whereas Gala Games is popular for being one of the world’s largest decentralized gaming node networks.

AI-based NFT is gaining popularity for the key sense of responsibility through this integration of artificial intelligence to eliminate any hated content. Fuzzzle knows what not to learn and what to learn to avoid any serious consequence in the future. Endless AI has integrated the latest AI model GPT-3, for the most state-of-the-art learning model.

Fuzzle is providing amazingly cute creatures with the AI and Ethereum-based NFT combination. Crypto investors can immediately interact with Fuzzle pets after exchanging this AI-based NFT Fuzzle Pod for their unique pet therapy. Gala Games has the desire to add value to the community with ample opportunities with the fusion of the language prediction model.

How to buy an NFT pet?

Crypto investors can purchase this AI-based NFT pet through GALA or ETH with sufficient ETH for gas in addition to the original selling cost. After leaving the pods, Fuzzle can turn into an actual digital friend for providing pet therapy efficiently and effectively. Purchase processes can be completed through the specified mobile app from Endless AI and Gala Games.

Thus, this AI-based NFT is in the shape of tiny keychain pets of the late 1990s to help in completing pre-defined tasks. It looks like cuddly toys for adults with unique stylish icons and smart functionalities for holding a conversation and intelligence utilities. That being said, crypto investors can now get hold of any cute best buddy featuring 9,997 unique first-generation pets of AI-based NFT.