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Benefits of Learning Cloud Security Skills in 2023

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Cloud Security

Benefits of Learning Cloud Security Skills in 2023

The advantages of learning cloud security skills in 2023, unlocking career growth opportunities

Cloud security has become a critical aspect of IT in recent years as businesses increasingly rely on cloud computing. With the rise in cyber threats and the growing adoption of cloud technology, learning cloud security skills has become essential for IT professionals. This article will explore the three advantages of acquiring cloud security skills in 2023 and beyond.

Earn More as a Cybersecurity Professional:

Gaining expertise in cloud security can substantially impact an IT professional’s earning potential. Research by the training firm Global Knowledge shows that new certifications can lead to significant salary increases. Professionals who received a raise due to new certifications reported an average salary increase of $12,000 compared to the baseline increase of $5,000 (Kolakowski, N., 2020).

Certified cloud security professionals can access new job opportunities internally and externally, leading to higher incomes. says the average U.S. salary for jobs requiring cloud security skills is $178,053 (, 2023). By learning cloud security skills, professionals can strengthen their resumes, negotiate better salaries, and become more attractive to potential employers.

Access Greater Cybersecurity Job Opportunities:

Becoming a certified cloud security professional increases earning potential and opens doors to many job opportunities. Professionals who can effectively deploy cloud security strategies are in high demand, bridging the “IT skills gap.” Pluralsight’s 2022 survey reveals that cybersecurity and cloud computing are the most sought-after skills among technology professionals. Forty-three percent of respondents considered cybersecurity their top IT skill concern, while 39% aimed to enhance their competencies in cloud computing (Pluralsight, 2022).

The demand for cloud security skills continues to rise, and professionals who possess these skills can explore diverse career paths. Whether specializing in a specific cloud provider or adopting a vendor-neutral approach, certified cloud security professionals are highly valued for their ability to protect cloud environments from cyber threats.

Avoid Becoming Obsolete – The Cloud Is Here to Stay:

Cloud computing has transitioned from a cutting-edge technology to a fundamental practice for businesses of all sizes and industries. Flexera’s “State of the Cloud” report indicates that 99% of companies now use at least one public or private cloud, with many adopting hybrid or multi-cloud setups that require enhanced cloud security attention (Flexera, 2021).

While the cloud offers cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and scalability, it also presents security challenges. According to a survey by Venafi, 51% of IT decision-makers believe that the security risks of the cloud outweigh those of on-premises solutions (Boose, S., 2022). Cloud security has emerged as a crucial field that addresses the intersection of enterprise IT practices with the need for protection against evolving threats.

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In 2023 and beyond, learning cloud security skills is crucial for IT professionals seeking career advancement. Acquiring these skills leads to higher salaries and increased job opportunities and ensures professionals remain relevant in an ever-changing IT landscape. EC-Council’s C|CSE (Certified Cloud Security Engineer) program is recommended for aspiring cloud security professionals.

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The program equips students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills through hands-on labs, preparing them to succeed in the fast-paced cloud security domain. By obtaining the C|CSE certification, professionals gain a vendor-neutral approach while learning vendor-specific concepts for cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Moreover, the program covers the implementation of essential governance frameworks and regulations such as HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27017, and PCI DSS.

Investing in cloud security skills today ensures a prosperous and secure future in the ever-expanding realm of cloud computing.